Random Ramblings

Life is what you make it! – A short thought provoking post about culture and opening your minds!
Our angel flying high… – We decided to share one of the main reasons for our big move from the UK to Dubai.
‘Do you miss home?’ – asks everyone! – Reflecting back on life in the UK compared to our life in Dubai.
Private Health Care or NHS? – We share our experiences of the NHS vs Private Health Care in Dubai.
Blogging or Vlogging? Or both?! – Blogging fever has got us wanting to share more!
Launching our YouTube Channel! – So excited to share our news with you!
Failing to plan is planning to fail! – theXpats are planning for a brighter future – are you?
Transition of a working woman in the UK to a housewife in Dubai! – Check out how I went from a demanding job to being a housewife.
 Positive vibes create positive lives – Find out how we try to create more positive lives.
 Internet is giving people a false sense of security and confidence! – Our thoughts on “catfishing” and the use of technology in this day and age!
 Naturopathic health care and how to beat those nasty winter bugs! – What concoctions do theXpats take to boost our immunity?!
Money Matters – named brands vs cheaper alternatives; do you know the difference? – Would you pass the taste test?!
Reflecting on the life cycle – when you have to treat older people like babies. – Have you noticed how the human life cycle works? Read about our feelings!
What are your secrets to a happily married life? – Here we share some of our tips on building a healthy marriage.
Does absence make the heart grow fonder? – What are your views on couples that choose to live apart? Is this healthy?
Liebster Award – How can you not love the blogging community? – A lovely bloggers award we were nominated for! Check out our nominations.
Housewives – Do we get asked the most insensitive questions? – What I think about the horrible questions housewives get asked all the time!
 Do you feel the sunshine impacts your mood? – See what we found out when researching the ‘Winter Blues’.
What is ‘White Noise’ and will it work for you? – Have you heard of white noise? Check out our findings here!
Blogger Recognition Award – So happy to share our award recognizing bloggers!
Interracial Marriage – Why is it still difficult for some to accept? – A ramble about our experiences and theories behind people against interracial marriages.
Expat Life – I think it’s given me ants in my pants! – Are we ready to move to another country?
Facebook Live – how powerful and influential is it? – What we think about the Facebook Live tool.
What is so great about Ramadan in Dubai? – Comparison between fasting in London to fasting in Dubai.
What have we been up to the last few months? – A short blog explaining why we haven’t been vlogging on YouTube.
I wish you knew how hard it can be… – An emotional letter we share with our family and friends back in the UK.
Do you think expat life makes you more tolerant? – A look at how we think traveling can make you a more open-minded person!
Do you think social media depicts real life? – How much of your real life makes it to Instagram and other social media platforms?!
My beloved London Town – what has happened to you? – I had to offload my tears following recent events in London!
Most of the valuable life lessons from Dubai – What has living in Dubai taught me about myself?