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Having moved to Dubai with no job prospects we had to quickly learn the Dubai way of job applications and employment. We have compiled a list of well known and updated sites that advertise jobs in a range of fields.

Please do pay attention to the requirements of jobs as you apply – they are very specific about who they want – from qualification to nationality and gender.

Dubizzle – This site has all kinds of jobs – it is difficult to tell which ones are the more serious jobs as they are like gumtree adverts (UK people will understand what I mean by this), however applying takes literally seconds as it saves your cover letter so you click apply (sometimes you need to verify you’re not a robot lol) and then you’re done! You can check in to see how your applications are doing in your profile – not nice when you see rejected written in red but it’s good to see which jobs are viewing and shortlisting your application.

Bayt – We love Bayt!!!! Majority of our job interviews/responses have been from Bayt. This site is solely for jobs so is quite comprehensive in terms of when creating a profile, you need to put in a lot of information but it’s worth it as you get informed whether your application has been viewed or not and also tells you what position you are and how relevant your CV is to the employer! Pay special attention to the skills you put down as this is used to match your CV to the job.

Laimoon – This site is great for jobs/courses and career advice. Generally Laimoon has jobs advertised from reputable well known companies with good salaries. Job profiles are extremely easy to make and they have a cool way of creating your profile which doesn’t make it laborious like most sites! This is definitely a site that you need to keep checking!

Indeed – Indeed is extremely easy to navigate and this is one of the good sites that allows you to apply without registering or logging in – you simply search job titles and location and then click apply once you’ve read the description. Some companies do ask further questions i.e. do you have a UAE drivers license or do you have a BA degree etc but aside from that it is super easy to apply. When you click apply you can upload your CV put in your contact details and it gives you the option to add a message. Jobs are updated daily on here so worth checking in every day.

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A huge word of advice – there are scam companies all around the world who will use job websites as a way to scam people out of money – NEVER transfer money to anyone for any recruitment or agency positions. We have personally experienced a company who called, offered an amazing job but at the end wanted us to transfer money – ridiculous right?! However some people have unfortunately fallen for these tricks and lost out a lot of money so please do be aware that if something sounds too good to be true – it generally is!