Living in a country that thrives on tourism and encourages expats to live the motto ‘work hard and play harder’, can make it extremely difficult to save (or just live in some cases lol!). For this reason we have found that it’s worth investing in or searching for some great voucher/discount apps or websites which allows us to live a luxurious lifestyle whilst cutting back on costs. Here are the ones we use regularly:

Entertainer – This has to be one of the best discount apps/books ever. You can choose a range of packages; a general one for dining, attractions and services. There are also drinks only packages and a fine dining package which holds the higher end restaurant vouchers, body package for spas etc and lastly a kids package for…well for the little people of course! Each package includes hotel offers which is great! We use the general package frequently as there are always two or more of us and in order to use the vouchers you generally have buy one get one free, i.e. buy one main meal get another free, or buy one pass to an attraction get another one free. It’s important to note that it costs a lump sum to buy a package which you can buy in book form or an app (we found the app much easier than flicking through the books – oh and it’s cheaper!) but also that this only lasts one year – so the Entertainer 2016 will be finishing soon.

Groupon – I think this one goes without much explanation – it works exactly like all Groupon sites across the globe. Groupon is amazing for the most popular tourist attractions like desert safari, Burj Khalifa At The Top tour and much more. There are great offers for dinners in top hotels and it makes the luxurious world of Dubai much much more accessible for those on a budget. You only need to pay a discounted price for the voucher, no other costs will need to be paid, however you do need to bring along a printed voucher as merchants do not accept mobile vouchers.

Cobone – This site is very similar to Groupon in terms of the offers they have. It works the same as Groupon – you buy the voucher and do not pay anything else on top for using the service. However the good thing about Cobone is that most merchants accept Mobile vouchers so saves you from printing.

Hit The Deals – Hit The Deals is a cheaper version of Groupon or Cobone. It has all the same vouchers but isn’t as popular – I guess as it isn’t as well known as Groupon or Cobone. Works exactly the same as the above two but the good thing about this one is that they have a sale section and the prices are ridiculous like under 5 dirhams for some things!