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One of the great things we love about the blogging community is the way in which we can bring attention to other worthy bloggers and their creative content. For that reason we have decided to dedicate this page to sites that we love to read and want to share with you!

Expat Panda – One of my fave blogs to read! You get great, honest insight into life as a teacher from South Africa, currently living in Kuwait.

Adventures of a Jersey Girl – Another great blog from the Kuwaiti desert, but this blogger is a an expat from the little island of Jersey sharing her expat journey and travels!

Ispyprettyplaces – This blogger has traveled to 31 countries and lived the expat life in 4; currently living in the Far East. Check it out for some of the most amazing photos and informative blogs.

Romaingijsens – Fun loving blog by a guy living the life of a French teacher in China. P.s. you deffo need to check out his Instagram too!

Adventures in Middle Aged Travel – Check this blog for some great holiday reviews (they’ve been to a lot of places!) and travel tips – they even help you plan your own holiday!

Possess The World – A couple of Traveller’s telling tales to inspire the not so young at heart to travel. Friendly and honest bloggers who definitely give you the travel bug with their informative blogs!

We love checking out new blogs so please do email us with your links so we can check them out –