About Us


Our story began when we made a drastic decision to leave everything we know behind in the UK and move to sunnier pastures – sand, sea and tax free salaries! Little did we know that this huge risk would be the best decision we have ever made!

We are a dynamic interracial duo – a mix of Caribbean and Asian descent, who previously lived in London, UK. Following a number of stressful jobs and a redundancy, we flew to Dubai in search of a better life.

Between us we are passionate about media, photography, education and travelling – all of which makes Dubai the ideal place to be. Having traveled to Dubai several times, we decided a holiday just isn’t enough… We needed to make this our next home. This decision undoubtedly worried some as we had no job to go to – we literally jumped in at the deep end. Also some family members had never explored the Middle East and with a lack of knowledge, they assumed Dubai was similar to the countries they see on the news!

We quickly realised a lot of people didn’t understand why Dubai was a popular destination for many expats and so the idea of ‘theXpats’ blog was born – we wanted a place where we can share our adventures and the reality of a new life in Dubai.

We also understand that most expats move to Dubai in the hope of saving some of that attractive tax free salary, therefore we have made it a priority to share the latest deals and offers that are available throughout Dubai – including restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and much more.

If you have any questions about life in Dubai or want us to check anything out for you just drop us an email using our Contact Us form.