Last chance to check out this amazing deal at Sofitel The Palm


As the Islamic New Year came around, we were happy to find out that we were going to have a long weekend! Of course this meant our pool and beach day had to be an extra good one as it’ll be harder getting back into work mode after three days of relaxing lol!

We had a generally relaxed Thursday and Friday, so when Saturday came around we were ready for a full day of sun, sea, sand and pool time! This weekend we decided to check out Sofitel Dubai Palm Resort and Spa on the Palm Island. Sofitel is located on the East side of the Crescent, just past the amazing Atlantis Hotel.

Currently Sofitel are offering a Summer Special, until the 30th September, where you can book in for beach and pool access for 250 dirhams per person and in addition to the access, you get 180 dirham food and drinks voucher that can be used for lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants on site. Which means technically you are only paying 70 dirhams for the beach access!

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Sofitel have really pushed the boat out with this hotel with it’s unique Polynesian themed architecture and the soft flowing water features throughout the lobby area – from the minute we walked in we felt special. Even after we explained to staff that we were not checking into the hotel and we purely wanted to use the facilities, we were guided to the lady who could help us further. Payment made and wristbands on, we were ready to explore the resort.

There were beautiful changing and shower rooms right near the entrance to the main pool. They had really thought about the practicality of people using the pool and beach compared to the experience we had last week at Kempinski!

We walked around the resort just to get a feel for all the pools that were available, so that we could choose the one we wanted to use. There is a huge stretch of private beach, which has plenty of sun beds and umbrellas, six family pools scattered around the hotel grounds and access to paid water sports. We decided to stick to the main pool as it had easy access to the beach as well as the restaurants and toilets.

The main pool had a jacuzzi section with powerful jets which were perfect to get into the swimming mood! The main pool was also perfectly located as you are able to gaze out onto the beach and the sea in the distance. Watching sunset from this pool was amazing!


As the beach restaurant was so close to our sunbeds, we decided to take a break from swimming and have some lunch. (At this point we had made our minds up that we loved the resort and wanted to spend the whole day here, so we decided to use our vouchers for dinner instead). Lunch service was a little slow, but considering it was the beach restaurant, catering to everyone on the beach, I guess we can cut them some slack! The food was really nice and their portions were HUGE! – Well not mine, because like I said in previous blogs, I always opt for kids meals, however the men decided to go for full on large pizzas LOL big mistake – they both only managed to eat half. Men hey?!


Service throughout our beach day was perfect – Sofitel have even employed cameraman to go around and if you want they can capture some perfect shots of you and your family around the resort – which you can purchase later on. I think this is ingenious considering the amount of times we were in and out of the pool, it was so difficult to get decent photos!

For my mobile phone lovers out there, Sofitel staff will assist you in keeping your phone fully charged! They have a service for charging mobile phones – they will issue you a card whilst taking your phone. Then you can go collect it from the reception when you’re ready!

The beach was stunning around sunset – it was quite quiet at this point on the beach, which made it perfect for watching the sun go down. I mean does it get any better than spending the day in and out of the pool, and then dipping your legs into the sea whilst watching the sun set?! It was beautiful.

As we strolled along the beach we came across this random cabana – however as we walked closer we realised there was a barber’s chair, hair products and a nail station! That’s right you can get a quick hair cut and get your nails done on the beach!!!! Crazy right?!

IMG_9053For dinner we chose to dine in Porterhouse Steaks and Grills – now the only problem is no one informed us that it would be better to make a reservation for dinner – so we were washed, changed and ready for dinner by 7.45pm, however their next reservation was at 9pm! So as much as we wanted to make a fuss, all of us were so relaxed from the day we had, we decided to grab some drinks on the Porterhouse Terrace. Luckily this helped the time go quickly and before we knew it we were being seated by a lovely lady in the restaurant. We handed over the vouchers, chose our meals and watched the open kitchen, eagerly awaiting our food! One thing we noticed is that EVERY single member of staff was smiling, happy and interacting with customers, as well as their colleagues – something I love to see!

The food was beautiful, I opted for a grilled chicken breast, pomme puree (posh term for mashed potatoes lol) and a mushroom sauce. Ayaan got an Angus beef burger, jalapeno poppers and fries, my brother got a rib eye steak with mash and my sis in law got the same as me! All the food was presented beautifully, and tasted amazing! Every part of it was seasoned perfectly – my mouth is watering just thinking about it now. Oh and can you believe we actually spent UNDER the free voucher limit?! I mean if we could fit in a desert we SO would have done, but as we had the drinks and nibbles before dinner, we were totally stuffed.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-27 at 10.27.19 AM

The restaurant manager went out of her way to make us feel welcome and after we had finished our meal, she came to speak with us to find out how our dining experience was, aswell as showing an interest in where we’re from and then she went on to share her work experience in other hotels in Dubai – we could sense her pride in working for Sofitel!


If I’m totally honest this was one of the best pool days we’ve had and considering the not so amazing experience we had at Kempinski, we really were praying for a good day. The fact that we spent the whole day at Sofitel speaks volumes as we only spent a few hours in Kempinski. We really didn’t want to leave!

Tips – So for all my UAE people – this Summer offer is only valid unti 30th September and requires 24 hour booking in advance. They’re quite strict on the 24 hour rule as they do not want crowds of people disturbing the paying hotel guests – which I’m sure we can all understand. Also make sure to reserve a table if you decide to use your voucher for dinner, as it does get quite packed out – even for off peak season!

Click here for more information about the beach access offer.


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