Why is Dubai perfect for my interracial marriage?

Interracial Marriage

There is no denying there are so many misconceptions about Dubai (we covered the main ones here). However, there is something I really feel we need to address regarding racism in the Arab world. I have had a lot of comments and harsh words about how different races are treated in Dubai and I really thought it would be beneficial to share my experiences. *Just a disclaimer that this blog has been written purely based on my experience.

Now being a British Indian woman married to a British Jamaican man caused quite a stir in London – crazy right!? I mean anyone would safely assume that London is one of the most accepting and diverse cities ever. Sadly that wasn’t the case for hubby and I. We regularly dealt with people staring at us in shock and giving us dirty looks, as though we were doing something so blasphemous lol.


Before we moved to Dubai I remember a lot of people were concerned with how the Arab world would take our interracial marriage and whether we would experience racism in this part of the world. Everyone kept reminding us that holidays to Dubai was one thing but being an interracial couple that live in Dubai could be a different experience. None the less, we were ready and not afraid to handle whatever expat life in Dubai would throw at us!


I came to Dubai armed with things I wanted to share in an attempt to educate people on why interracial marriage is great, and how people could learn so much from mixing with other cultures… Boy did I get a shock! Growing up in London I thought I was exposed to people from all walks of life and thought I lived in a multicultural society – however, since being in Dubai I can honestly say I now know what it is really like to live in a society that embraces all cultures.

As embarrassing as it is to admit it, I have met people in Dubai who are from cities I have never even heard of! Living in Dubai means you become accustomed to meeting people from ALL parts of the globe – this means seeing a Jamaican man and Indian woman together is embraced rather than frowned upon. People aren’t shocked when they see hubby and I, however they are intrigued to hear where I am from as apparently I don’t look typically Indian or British 😂.

who are you.gif

You know what is one of the outcomes of such a diverse city? You get a high number of interracial marriages! I can’t even tell you how many couples we have met who are with spouses from other ethnicities/cultures. I’m talking about French and Filipino, African and Swedish, Egyptian and Dutch, Australian and Ecuadorian, Emirati and American Japanese… The list goes on! So with a society that is so mixed, you’ll undoubtedly become more tolerant, and you’re more likely to accept interracial marriages – it seems to be quite normal here.

I feel like living in Dubai we have been able to just live as a married couple – not having to worry about getting disgusted looks when we go shopping or people talking derogatorily about us in Gujerati or Urdu thinking I won’t understand! Trust me this has happened one too many times in London! Sadly, those people will instill racist views into their children and grandchildren – which is why I’m so happy we live in Dubai, and if God blesses us with children while we’re in Dubai, I know that they will truly be mixing with people from all walks of life!




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  1. Expat Panda

    Sadly I can understand what you’re saying. When I was in London, an elderly British lady (whom I accidentally bumped while on the bus), told me to “go back to Pakistan”. Of course I wasn’t offended (this is me you know), but just calmly told her that actually I’ll be returning to South Africa soon and that I have never lived in Pakistan. She was highly annoyed by that.

    It shocked me to see the racism in London and the segregation of races/ethnicities by neighbourhood. We in SA have been well done with that since apartheid ended and everyone lives everywhere now quite happily.

    You know my feelings on this topic already- I don’t even care if you or anyone else has a husband that is not the same race as you. Even if you’re married to a goat- if you’re happy then I’m happy for you! I don’t understand why others are so invested in YOUR marriage. Are they paying your bills? Lying in your bed? I thought not.

    Yes living in the ME exposes us to so much of diversity that these sort of issues are laughable honestly. Not that I’m saying your post isn’t important- it is for people who need to know how accepting the UAE and GCC is of these things. But I’m also saying that I pity the people who worry about such silly things.

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    • thexpatUAE

      Wow I’m sorry you experienced that in London! I remember a friend of mine was told the same to go back to Pakistan and a few other disgusting things but once she replied in fluent English, the guy laughed it off and said she’s “lucky he’s drunk” (!)
      You won’t believe how many people assume that being in the Middle East we get treated bad because I’m with a “black man”, when the reality is so different – it’s laughable like you said!!

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  2. Blackmuslimandtraveling

    I am sorry that I am just now getting around to fully reading so many posts. China. VPN. 🙄 I’ll have to blog about it. I am in an interracial marriage as well. My husband is a very pale-skinned Egyptian, and my melanin is definitely poppin’. It’s still not the most welcomed relationship back home. In Egypt, no one batted an eye. No one looked at us strangely. Here in China, it’s hard to tell whether it’s considered to be a strange thing because all foreigners stick out. They’re staring regardless of whether I’m walking alone or with him.

    Before I left home, I was told to go back to Egypt after disagreeing with the idea that immigrants should speak English in public and native languages in private. Plus, if you wear hijab, you must be from the Middle East, right? It’s only natural. 😒 I don’t understand why people are so invested in other people’s business. Like Expat Panda said, if you’re happy, if he’s not beating you down and making you hate life, who cares where he’s from? I sure don’t.

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