What is on your bucket list of places you need to see?

Top 10 countries on our Bucket List

After an afternoon of browsing my favourite travel blogs (which you can find here) I decided to take myself on an online journey around the world – living vicariously through the eyes of others. I mean everyone likes to dream right?! Well… in an attempt to make my travel dreams a reality, I decided to write up a bucket list of places I would love to visit at least once…


Photo credit – Huff Post.

Those picturesque clean white buildings with domes as blue as the sea have always called out my name! I can imagine waking up in a light and airy room, curtains blowing in the wind, whilst I stare out into the sea – my fave place to be. I couldn’t think of a better place for a relaxing short break – not to mention the fact that I love Greek culture so I’d love to experience it first hand.


Photo Credit – India Water Portal.

Aside from the fact that my dad was born and spent the first 18 years of his life in India, I have always been intrigued by Indian lifestyle. Thanks to my dad I learnt a lot of Indian history, however I have never had the opportunity to go with him. As I was born and raised in the UK, this meant a lot of my Indian culture was watered down – I want to plan a trip to India so that I can see where my dad grew up and soak up some real Indian culture.


Photo Credit – Visit Jamaica.

Again this might be a little obvious as hubby is from Jamaica, so undoubtedly this has to be one of the places I want to visit. I’m really excited to see the rest of my in laws and get to know the family I only get to speak to via Facebook. Of course we all know how beautiful Jamaica so I’m sure it won’t surprise you that I also can’t wait to explore the whole island and experience the famous Jamaican beaches. There is so much culture on offer in Jamaica and I really want to be able to see places in person rather than just through family photos.


Romain China.jpg
Photo Credit – Romain Gijsens,

China made it to my list thanks to my good friends RomainGijsens and Black. Muslim and Traveling – their blogs are urging me to go experience the side of China not many people get to see. China is one of those places that you make so many assumptions about but rarely feel the need to go – but thanks to the blogs I mentioned, I really want to see how many assumptions I have of the place and how wrong I am lol!


Photo Credit – About Brasil.

Okay I have a bit of a confession to make here – I am totally obsessed with the Fast and Furious movies and one that sticks out to me the most is Fast Five – the one where the team are in Brazil. I think I’ve watched this film a million times and each time my love for Brazil grows – I really want to go into the villages as well as the touristy areas – just to experience that Brazilian hospitality. I need to take a photo of me in Rio De Janeiro saying ‘This is BRAZIL’ just like Dominic Torreto 😂


Photo Credit – Telegraph UK.

I am a huge animal lover – I have this dream of watching animals in the wild and Sri Lanka is one of those places you can see animals in their natural habitat. Friends have also shared their experiences of riding a train in Sri Lanka, where you can take the most scenic photographs ever! I would love to board that train and just soak up the amazing views. It’s definitely one of those cultural places that allows you to lose yourself in your surroundings.


Photo Credit – News of Hawaii.

Does this need any explanation? I’m a sucker for sand, sea and sun so of course Hawaii makes my bucket list. I would love to stay in an over-water bungalow – this is definitely one of my dreams! Being a lover of the sea means staying on the water would be idyllic – sometimes you just need time away with limited things around you and for me Hawaii is one of those perfect places.


Photo Credit – Jeffrey Pioquinto.

I’ve met some of the most amazing people in Dubai from the Philippines and they all share beautiful stories of their home country. It sounds like a place that has something for everyone and a lot of natural beauty – something which is really appreciated after living in Dubai. I love the mixture of greenery, cliffs, lakes and beaches. Oh and I really want to go see the most active volcano in the Philippines – Mount Mayon.


Photo Credit – Planetware.com.

I love the idea of travelling to Tanzania and exploring the wild life and conservation parks. I think I would be happy to just have an animal life holiday lol! I remember the days when I used to dream of being a vet – so it’d be nice to relive that animal love.


Hidden Beach
Photo Credit – Daily Mail.

Last but surely not least I would loveeeeeeeee to visit Mexico. I’d plan it as a water sports holiday but mainly because of the amazing hidden beach (seen in the photo above). How could anyone not want to visit such a beautiful place? The hidden beach can only be accessed by swimming to it which is perfect – I CANNOT WAIT! Honestly I would go to visit Mexico just for this hidden beach alone!

We’ve come to the end of my world adventures – I hope you all enjoyed the read and I would love to see what countries have made your bucket list!



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  1. JerseyGirl

    Ooo I do love a bucket list. But I agree with Marwa mine is never ending, but thankfully we are starting to tick them off. I have explored a lot of Greece and Greek islands and we love it, so picturesque and still many places under commercialised and dont get me started on the food! India and Sri Lanka are on my mine and hopefully will tick both of those off in 2018, starting to plan India now I am back. The Maldives have now been ticked off, A New York christmas is coming and I’ve added Amalfi Italy, New England and Canada to my list recently….too little time lol

    Liked by 1 person

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