Top 10 apps that will make Dubai life easy

Top 10 apps that will make Dubai life easy!

Living in Dubai can get real hectic – you have to remember to pay your bills, run out into the blazing summer heat to grab a ticket for your car, figure out plans for the weekend and much more!

Luckily for expats in Dubai there are PLENTY of apps that can make our life that bit easier all from the comfort of our mobile phone! I thought I would round up 10 of my recommended apps that will definitely help others…

Entertainer App – I have spoken about this app to the death of me lol it doesn’t need much explanation! For those who don’t know it’s an app that enables you to get a whole heap of buy one get one free’s for restaurants, activities etc – helps you when you’re attempting to save in Dubai! Click here for more info.


RTA Dubai – If you want to keep an eye on your Salik (toll) balance, renew your drivers license, view fines, check you nol card balance, top up your balance etc this app is the one for you. The best part is if you want to park in Dubai you are able to use this app to find your nearest parking spot and pay for parking direct from the app! It’s so easy to navigate and helps to get things done really quickly. Saves you waiting in queues too!

Talabat – For those lazy days when you really have no energy or desire to cook! You can browse easily through a whole load of restaurants and takeaways, choose your meal and order! Everyone in Dubai will know the importance of food deliveries lol!


Zomato – Another foodie app! But this one I prefer to use just to browse restaurants we’re thinking of visiting and checking out their menu to make sure it’s where I want to go (they generally have the actual menu from the shop uploaded). You are also able to order deliveries or book restaurants from there but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it so I’d rather just use it for the menus!

DEWA – Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) app allows you to keep an eye on your electric and water usage, pay bills and where to go for help. Again it’s really easy to use and paying bills with a couple of clicks is amazing!

Dubai Calendar – This is the official app which lists all the latest events that are going on in Dubai, makes it easy to see what’s happening, when, and it also allows you to buy tickets for events with ease. Everyone can make use of  this app – I find it especially good for when we have guests so we can easily plan special days out.


Bayut – If you’re looking at buying or renting a property in Dubai you will need this app! Bayut’s app makes it really easy to browse your best rental/purchase options based on your budget and requirements. They include detailed information on property features and with a click of a button you’re connected directly to the company who are renting/selling the property! I’ll be honest I find myself browsing the amazing villas just to dream 😂

budget – I’m sure you’ve heard by now how amazing Dubai is for grocery deliveries lol but Trolley is one I use a lot for day to day things. Their app is so easy to use and they allow you to choose hourly time slots for delivery which is amazing as some of the other delivery places give you 4 hour slots – which means you get varied delivery times! I wouldn’t recommend this for a full shop as it is slightly more expensive than others but it’s a God send for those days where you suddenly need something.

Google Maps – Dubai roads are a nightmare! It is so difficult to work out where you need to go half the time as there is so much construction around so roads are constantly changing. Google Maps has been our best friend! I love the fact you can download offline maps so that if you run out of data you can still use the sat nav! I would definitely say the fact it works offline is what has saved us in so many tricky situations lol! There are a lot of other maps apps but we always end up back with Google Maps!


Smart Taxi – Living in a place where taxis are hard to come by this app has helped me so much! It has location setting which will find where you are and allows you to book a taxi at your exact location. This just makes it easier than calling up for a taxi and is great if you run out of credit and can’t call out.

So there you have it my top 10 apps that you need or can make the most of in Dubai! What are the most needed apps in your country?


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