Do you love a good Afternoon High Tea?

Afternoon High Tea.png

If you have read my previous blog posts you will know that I love a good afternoon tea, so when we were thinking of places to go for my sister in law’s leaving do I knew we had to do something royal like Afternoon Tea at Al Samar Lounge.

Al Samar Lounge is located in the lobby area of Mina A’Salam hotel, which is part of the Madinat Jumeirah Resorts. All of the hotels and the souk in Madinat Jumeirah have a real traditional Arabic theme and have the most amazing views ever – which makes this the best place to experience Afternoon Tea in Dubai!

Now as beautiful as Al Samar Lounge is – I have to say the view is even better!!!! There is a stunning canal that flows past with traditional Abra boats passing by, a backdrop of beach life in the distance with sun loungers for the hotel guests and to top it off – a close up view of the huge Burj Al Arab! It is so close that we had to step back to get the whole of the Burj Al Arab in our photos lol! To sum up the lounge is located in an idyllic spot for a special Afternoon Tea!


Once we had finished soaking in the surroundings we sat down on our table and were given the low down of what we could expect from the Afternoon Tea (we requested no fish so this is based according to our dietary requirements) –

  • Beverages – A choice of hot beverages and for those who prefer cold drinks they make allowances for you to choose an iced tea or coffee. Fruit juices or mocktails are excluded (you can choose three different drinks as part of the Afternoon Tea package) – Unfortunately they won’t allow you to choose water as one of your drinks which I found slightly strange but all in all we were happy with the drinks we chose – Lemongrass and Ginger herbal infusion for me and my sis in law, iced coffee for my bro and a hot chocolate for hubby!
  • Chicken and Mushroom Pie – this was soooo good! The pies were served in glass jars, the pastry was cooked throughout and the filling was perfectly seasoned – it was good!
  • Caramelized onion and beef quiche – I didn’t try this as I’m not overly keen on beef but they looked good and hubby said they tasted amazing.
  • Selection of sandwiches – Fillings included chicken and chive, cucumber, turkey and egg mayonnaise. All were nice and you could tell they were made fresh (unlike some other places I’ve been too!) Usually you would also get tuna mayo and salmon but opted for no fish.
  • Selection of pastries, biscuits and mini desserts – I was pleasantly surprised with this part as we had mille feuille, cream chocolate eclair, banana pie, strawberry tart and victoria sponge.
  • Scones – Served with cream and a selection of jams – Rose, Raspberry and Mango.
  • Chocolate Fondue with a selection of dippers – marshmallow, strawberries, melon, cake pops, truffles and jellied sweets.

All parts of the Afternoon Tea came one after the other so we were able to eat leisurely and pace ourselves (trust me you need to with all that food!) Also we experienced such good service by the staff – they were so attentive and checked in on us often – we even had the manager come out to ask us how the Afternoon Tea was. He informed us that they had recently changed the set up of the food after taking comments on board – this was nice to hear as it means they really do take customer views into account.

If it was winter I would have definitely booked us a nice table outside as the views were breathtaking, however as we are in the dusty Summer season the heat was unbearable and so we were restricted to the lounge.

On the website it states that there is a pianist that plays from 4.30pm onwards, unfortunately that wasn’t the case when we were there and we booked for 4.30pm. There was a piano – just no pianist! I think some live mellow music would have topped it off nicely!

If I was to compare this Afternoon Tea to others I would say it is the second best Afternoon Tea I’ve had so far in Dubai – the first place would go to Al Qasr Hotel (read my review of their Afternoon Tea here). You’ll notice there isn’t much difference in food between the two but Al Qasr had a few extras which gives it that extra edge!

However that is just me being real fussy! I would definitely recommend this place for Afternoon Tea – especially as it’s currently on the Entertainer App (click here for more info on this app) which means you can get buy one get one free – we saved an amazing 370 dirhams (¬£77ish) so was more than worth it! What are Afternoon Tea’s like in your city?

On that note I shall leave you all with some snaps from our beautiful Al Samar Lounge Afternoon High Tea experience…











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