How to plan the most perfect date in Dubai


Disclaimer: This date night is not for everyone but hopefully it will give you a few ideas on what is possible when planning for your other half.

As I sat at home recovering (and feeling slightly sorry for myself lol) I began drifting off thinking about my perfect date night in Dubai and I thought it would be fun to take you along and hopefully give you some ideas…

Firstly, you have to set the tone for the rest of the night so it’s important to let go of any work/worldly stresses that are weighing you down – one way to do this is by booking into a spa, you don’t necessarily need to get any treatments, sometimes a soak for you both in a private jacuzzi away from home can work wonders. Make sure to set the room up with some personalised things that will add an extra special touch – hotel staff are more than willing to help, you just have to provide the extra bits and they will do the rest. (Or you could do the typical spoilt Dubai thing and pay someone to get the bits for you lol!)


Once you’re both relaxed it’s time to get ready for a lovely meal. One thing that is SUPER romantic would be to have dinner on the beach – you can do this two ways – one get a hotel that has a private beach to organise the food and table set up etc (this helps if you’re using their spa too so not much hassle moving locations) or two set one up yourself on a more secluded part of the beach (this takes more planning but you can rope some of your friends in to help!) Make sure the food fits what your partner loves and remember to avoid talking about the stresses of life – keep conversation about you guys and positive things! Oh and bare in mind the time of year you’re planning this as Summer months would be a killer, so an alternative would be booking a hotel room that has a balcony with an amazing view for dinner, this way if you get too hot you can pop in and out of the AC in the room and it’s still as beautiful and secluded. There’s something so relaxing about watching waves and just taking some time to be thankful for your loved ones.

Club Vista Mare on a quiet night is perfect for date night!

I find that after a relaxing jacuzzi and your favourite dinner, the best way to end the night is…. A movie in bed! We LOVE watching movies in bed it’s just so relaxing and fun with homemade snacks and hot chocolate! Again add some of your little touches to the room so when you get back home the surprises continue – I absolutely love getting home to beautiful flowers or a little personalised gift to remember the night! Also light up some candles and make it extra special! Again if you choose a hotel for the spa and dinner, it might be nice to book in for the night so you can get hotel staff to set the room up for you – most of the hotels in Dubai will also leave a little gift from them too if you tell them it’s a special occasion! (4).png

One thing I have to say about living in Dubai is that there are plenty of romantic spots for every single type of date night/special night you could imagine – there is something for everyone! Here are some other examples –

Dinner in the Sky for more adventurous people (I would love to try this but Mr doesn’t like heights) – it literally is having dinner high up and the chairs move too – how exciting lol! Don’t worry you’re strapped in at all times. 😂

Overnight Desert Safari – How romantic would it be to cuddle up in the desert, get a fire going and BBQ some yummy food! If you go with a tour operator you’ll get to experience extras like camel riding, quad biking etc.

Dhow cruise dinner – There are so many tour operators who offer dinner on a dhow cruise, along with entertainment. Make sure to check which one you book as there are different cruises that go along different parts of Dubai.

Yacht – If you really want to go all out you could book a private yacht, set it up how you want and star gaze! There are companies that offer couples packages so takes the hard work out of the planning!

Hot air balloon – Again another I would love to do but Ayaan would deffo not be into it! Having a meal in a hot air balloon just looking over the desert and life in Dubai with your better half! The views are surreal!

Dubai Fountains – There are quite a few restaurants that face the Dubai fountains so for those foodies who love a good view this would be a win for date night. You get to enjoy some great food whilst letting your mind drift away watching the fountain show. (Just google restaurants with Dubai fountain view and you can choose where you’d like to book to eat). Oh and you can pay for an Abra lake ride around the the Dubai fountains which is amazing at 65 dirhams per person – around £13.

Dinner at the top of Burj Khalifa – The restaurant is called Atmosphere and is on the 122nd floor of the tallest building in the world with breathtaking views of the city! They only seat 16 so booking can be tricky!

There’s so much more, honestly I think I could be here all day going over how many romantic things there are here to do for date night in Dubai but I won’t bore you guys anymore lol! What does your perfect date night look like??




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