My beloved London Town – what has happened to you?



I am writing this unplanned blog post with an extremely heavy heart and a clouded mind so I would like to apologise in advance if it doesn’t fully make sense. I am a person that generally processes difficult situations in silence and I don’t speak out as often as I should – however, it’s getting to the point where I am unable to keep these thoughts to myself.

The London I see sprawled across the news every single week has become a place of anger, hate and violence to a whole new level. I wake up every day fearing what will I hear next? – All these incidents are so close to my home and way too close to my loved ones.  I still can’t help but think…THIS IS NOT LONDON! 

I find myself crying when I see people speak about losing their loved ones in one of the cowardice terror attacks, or in an incident like the Grenfell Tower fire that should have never turned out the way it did. I go sleep wondering will there be a day that one of my loved ones will be taken in such a brutal manner? I still can’t help but think…THIS IS NOT LONDON! 

That feeling waking up to messages from people and thinking ‘What has happened now?’ is one of the worst feelings for any expat to go through. Coming from a place like London you don’t leave your home town being fearful of what might happen next! I still can’t help but think…THIS IS NOT LONDON! 

I sit here in my safe haven that is Dubai and I wonder how did the UK become a place like those war torn countries that we are now immune to seeing in the news? When did London because a place where attacks are becoming ‘the norm’? In the space of 16 months since I have moved, how did London become so broken? I still can’t help but think…




I remember the days I would stay out til past midnight and no one would worry because London was safe enough to get home without anyone attacking you for what you wore. I remember the days where people took the time to love and care for each other and communities were whole. I remember the days where race, religion and background made no difference because THIS IS THE LONDON I KNEW!

London is a capital city and one that has set trends for other cities across the world, a city where you are encouraged to be different and to love yourself, a city that is home to people from all walks of life because it is a multicultural place, and lastly a city that no matter what we would always stay united because THIS IS THE LONDON I KNEW!

London is the place where I was born, where I spoke my first words, took my first steps, went to school, college, university, found the love of my life and fell pregnant. London is the home town for myself and many others, whether you still live there or are exploring the world, London is still home and THIS IS THE LONDON I KNEW!

We cannot let those horrible, sick and mindless individuals ruin what London once was. We are responsible for uniting ourselves, respecting and accepting each other so that our communities can stand strong together against terrorists!

Lets bring back THE LONDON WE ALL KNOW!

My heart aches for every person who has lost loved ones in the most horrific way over the last few years thanks to sick individuals who I refer to as utter cowards.

My prayers go out to the families who have lost everything they worked hard to build up, thanks to the mindless acts of a minority group.

Lastly, my thoughts are with those who, like me, are struggling to understand what has happened to our beloved London Town.



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  1. Expat Panda

    It’s so incredibly sad how, in this day and age with our unlimited access to information, ignorance and fear of the unknown motivates people’s despicable actions. I actually hate reading the news nowadays because it makes me terribly sad and I can’t imagine how you must feel with all of this happening in your home! Stay strong 🤗

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    • thexpatUAE

      Right?! I feel like how did we advance as a world in so many aspects but have gone so backwards in many others? I think living in Dubai also makes it harder to understand because of how well people generally live together here! I also worry a lot for my parents but hoping to bring them out here! Thank you for the thoughts hun xx

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  2. Jeena

    It is so terrible what is happening and I just can’t understand the level of hate that is inside people! 😦 Every morning I wake up and dread looking at my phone because I am fearful of what has happened while I was sleeping! Seeing your city being attacked one after another must be so terrible for you! We had an issue in Dallas last year and it broke my heart. Stay strong my friend! ❤

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    • thexpatUAE

      I know it really bugs me how people can fill their hearts with so much hate for a group of people! It’s like it hits you a million times harder because you’re so far away and your family/friends are still there right? x

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