Do you think social media depicts real life?

Social Media and real life...

Since we’ve started documenting our life in Dubai, I’ve noticed we get inundated with comments about how lucky we are to live here, or how people wish they could be in our shoes, and it made me realise that social media is quite a deceptive tool. I mean don’t get me wrong we most definitely are lucky, Dubai is a beautiful city, but there is so much more to our life than what we share on social media.

It’s hard to show how difficult life can be through an Instagram photo or on twitter in 140 characters or in a Snapchat video, which is why only the best moments make it to those platforms lol. We have the beautiful scenic photos that get uploaded and in a way I think this is what people want on social media – people want to scroll through their timeline and dream about being anywhere away from their real life. A picture of hubby at work or in meetings etc wouldn’t have the same effect as a photo of us eating an amazing romantic meal on a yacht cruising around Palm Jumeirah – ok ok I know two extremes but you get my point!

This is why I love to blog. Blogging gives us a chance to explain the reality of living in Dubai and as much as we love it, there are some days where it gets really difficult and we want to share that in the most appropriate way!

I think we’re living in a time where a lot of people are going through a number of things in their real life so they want an escape and the easiest way is to jump onto social media and live vicariously through someone else. What we forget is that every one is human and there is so much more to a person’s life than what they share on social media.

How much of your real life makes it to your social media platforms? Do you share the difficult days as much as the highlights?




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  1. Mrs Wilson of Oz

    Oh I am so guilty of snapping a pic of the blue skies and Pam trees saying how wonderful life is, when in reality I’m dreadfully homesick and fed up with being a single mum all week whilst hubster works his ass off!! I love my Instagram life haha! Xxx great post!

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  2. Expat Panda

    I think I am pretty open about my life on social media… I earn well, eat well, travel when I can and that IS my real life. Sometimes I post when I miss my husband or have had a rough day at work. So I share what I experience, good or bad. I am fortunate that most of my life is pretty good but this is because I have made it that way, not through luck. I do agree that blogging is the best because you can be more detailed and truthful!

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    • thexpatUAE

      I think you’re right about blogging being a good way of being honest but for me I find it hard to express difficult days on platforms like Instagram – find it to be a different kind of set up in terms of what it’s used for? Even the saying “do it for the gram” highlights how much work goes into posting that perfect photo! I guess it comes down to what difficulties people are going through in real life too. We’re blessed πŸ™πŸ½

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