Do you think expat life makes you more tolerant?

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Following recent events around the world I quickly saw a huge divide on all social media platforms. A lot of people took to Facebook or Twitter etc to share their suggestions on how to tackle the issues surrounding terror and fear-mongering – a lot of these comments were highly insensitive to people of different nationalities and are quite hurtful to people who happen to share the same religion as those sick individuals who carried out the attacks.

However, one thing I’ve noticed is that the travel and expat community are the most open minded, caring and considerate people I have ever met. I think I am yet to meet someone who has traveled and is close minded or ignorant to the beliefs, cultures and traditions of others.

Expats generally experience different lifestyles, different cultural norms and meet people from all walks of life, which in turn means you realise that you can’t categorize people based on things like faith or religious beliefs – for every one bad person of a particular faith there are thousands of good.

If there is one thing expat life has taught me its that we are all individuals with our own minds and our own desires in this world regardless of how many similarities we may happen to have with others. No two people will have exactly the same views just because they go by the same religion or culture.

I am so thankful to have met such beautiful people that we interact with on a daily basis who remind us that life is precious and we should celebrate all of our differences and explore other cultures! No traveled person has truly experienced life abroad by resisting the rich culture that surrounds them. If you leave a country without learning at least one thing about the people in that country then you’re doing something wrong!

There is so much out there in the world waiting to be explored and would teach us so much about ourselves as well as others so I hope the expat community continues to grow and share their experiences through platforms such as WordPress or Instagram! Thank you guys for sharing your journeys and for being a part of ours!




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  1. Gaelic Guy Abroad

    I think it’s only natural that the more you are exposed to different people, different places and different cultures the more tolerant you become. In my experience, we all have more similarities than differences at the end of the day.

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  2. Expat Panda

    Agree with Gaelic Guy and you as well; when I was living in South Africa (the rainbow nation) I also thought I was so tolerant. But living abroad forces you to see things from a different perspective and forces you to constantly confront unfamiliarity. How you deal with it determines your quality of life here. If you accept and adapt, you will definitely find contentment; if you fight against and complain, you will make yourself miserable. (And what do you mean you aren’t judging people by their faiths? You mean all Muslims aren’t terrorists?! SINCE WHEN?) šŸ˜€

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