I wish you knew how hard it can be…

Letter to our family and friends

To all of our family and friends back home,

We thought this blog was important to write up so we can share how much love we have for those who have stuck by us through this difficult journey.

Being 7ish hours away from you along with the time difference, makes it really difficult to stay fully involved in your lives – we totally get that it’s upsetting for you when we miss key events in your lives – however we’re so grateful to those special ones who understand why and have made it possible for us to feel like we still matter. Thanks to those who updated us when marriages were arranged, babies were born or other special events took place. We really appreciate the thoughts.

We hope you know that even with the time difference, if you ever needed us we would do our utmost best to be there. If we go a few days without speaking, just know that you are always in our prayers and thoughts regardless. I say this because there are a few of you who we haven’t really spoken to much – we’re not sure why but we know these things happen – times change and people change but we still wish you all the best.

We know how hard it can be keeping up a friendship with us being expats, it’s like you’re trying to merge two different lives into one – (we wake up when you’re deep in sleep, we go to sleep when you’re ready to relax and catch up) – but we are so grateful for those who still try. You don’t realise how much it means when you send that one little message to ask us how we are – sometimes it’s the one thing we need to read when we’re having a hard day here. Yes we get some hard days here… Some really hard days…. There are some days where a convo with one of you guys makes the world of difference so we hope this never stops.

You see as amazing as it is to live in Dubai, it’s been really hard making the move here, settling and starting a whole new life, but with your help and words of encouragement it has been that little bit easier so thank you.

We really appreciate those who have stuck with us through this expat journey so far and we hope we can continue sharing our life with you, no matter how far we may be.

Love and hugs to you all.

Ayaan & Safiyya

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