What is it like to be an expat woman in Dubai?

Girl Power

After answering the most asked questions in a previous blog, I realised how many questions we get in regards to women and how they are treated in Dubai. Now I won’t lie and say I’m surprised people ask these questions as they are usually from those who have never been to the UAE, but I can’t believe people don’t see how many celebrities post up about their trips to the UAE and let’s be honest none of them look like they’re being disrespected.

There are so many reasons I love being in Dubai as a woman – I feel a lot safer and much more respected than I did in the UK. I feel like aside from the obvious things for example, a carriage on the metro for women only, there are so many subtle things that for me as a woman and more so a covering woman, make the world of difference.

Women metro

There are women and children’s hospitals here which make it so much more comfy for me as I don’t have to worry about having my legs and back out in those unflattering hospital gowns – there are no women’s hospitals in London so there are no guarantees of who will see what when you’ve been admitted!

Women also are able to get a lot of freebies or cheap activities, for example Tuesday nights in Dubai are known for ladies nights – so some places offer free drinks, free shisha, discounted spa packages etc on a Tuesday – for example, Sofitel Hotel on the Palm have a SoSpa ladies night where they offer a range of treatments and facility access, including snacks and mocktails, for 250 dirhams – click here for more info.


It gets even better Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort have started a ladies beach day where we can get cheap beach access at 100 dirhams per person and on top we get discounted food and drinks, discounted spa treatments and half price paddle boarding!! Us girls are planning to do this after Ramadan so will definitely do a blog about this soon! Click here for more info.

There is also a place called Dubai Ladies Club – this place is like every woman’s heaven! They have spa’s, private beach, fitness centre, swimming pool, restaurants, sports courts and so much more.. And it’s all for us ladies! It’s a great place to have a ladies day when you just need that time away! They do offer memberships but also have walk in prices for non members too which are slightly more expensive. To find out more about the Dubai Ladies Club click here.

Ladies club

When I had to go and get my biometrics (fingerprint and eye scan) done for my Emirates ID card, hubby was moaning saying he hopes there isn’t a long queue as he had to wait over an hour for his turn but guess what? We decided to go to the women only branch and literally I walked in, did my prints and strolled back out. NO queue at all! Sorry men but I do love these privileges lol!

There are a few things expats wives may struggle with and that is having your husband responsible for a lot of things. As Ayaan is my sponsor I do have to wait around for him to do certain things, such as getting my visa – this had to all go through his company, or if I wish to work as a housewife under Ayaan’s visa I have to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate/Letter) from him to say he’s okay with me working lol. Oh and there’s the matter of the bank accounts, as Ayaan is the main account holder, he will receive text messages whenever I spend money… Now that doesn’t really bother me as I’m happy being a housewife for the time being and I know he won’t stop me from buying what I want – Ayaan and I have had a few laughs at that lol – but for some women they may find this frustrating.


Oh and I totally forget there is this amazing initiative by Sheikh Mohammed (ruler of Dubai) to encourage local women back into work by providing key professional training, forums for interaction etc whilst still being sensitive to their commitments at home. So there are definitely things set up to support women in doing more for themselves. Click here for more info on the Dubai Women’s Establishment.

Overall my experience of being a woman in Dubai has been really positive. I feel like we get treated special and all the little things add up to make living here easy. I know there’s a weird mentality that women in the Middle East are oppressed but if there’s one thing you take away from this blog post, I hope it’s that women are far from oppressed in Dubai!

I think this meme pretty much sums up how I feel as a woman in Dubai…😂

big deal



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  1. Expat Panda

    I am soooooo tired of explaining to people how I am treated like royalty here in the Middle East. Its 100 times better to be a woman in this region than a man honestly! I agree with every single thing you wrote about in this post even though I am here in Kuwait and you are in the UAE. I think women are even more valued here because population control is so strict and the country is terribly small. Although when people ask me silly questions, I don’t always tell them the whole truth… I don’t want all the idiots moving to this region 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • thexpatUAE

      I know right? I was actually really surprised how many women have asked how it would be here for them! LOL I actually didn’t think of the downside to being honest about life here 😐 Can I take this blog post back…lol just kidding!!

      Liked by 1 person

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