Great Ramadan deals not to be missed!

Ramadan 2017

I’m sure by now most of you are aware that Dubai loves a good sale, with that in mind you can’t be surprised that there are extra special deals on a whole range of things during the holy month of Ramadan! I thought I’d put together a blog of some of the great deals that are going on during this month!


So starting with the fun one – flights! A few of the airlines here have decided to offer bargains such as 30% off to a limited number of places with Air Arabia – check details here. FlyDubai are doing amazing prices for a range of places such as Bangladesh, Romania, Saudi Arabia, India, Ukraine and more – check them out here. Lastly, Qatar are offering 40% off on all inclusive flights to places such as Philippines, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, France and UK – more info here. These deals end in June so be sure to book quickly! (This is also a subtle hint to Ayaan to sort a trip out for us 😂)



Of course shops had to have all sorts of deals going on – for example Union Coop have deals for customers who hold the loyalty card (you can get one from the Customer Service desk) – there are loads of food and home items cheap which will help when doing your weekly shop – check the deals out here.

Home Centre has an online sale where certain item are 40% – click here for their online sale. Also check out different mall websites for the sales that they are hosting – here are a few I found – Mall of Emirates, Deira City Centre, Dubai Mall.

Dubai Mall


This is one of the big sales – a lot of people have drummed it into us that Ramadan is the best time to buy a car – looking at these deals I understand why. Toyota are offering a buy now pay in Ramadan 2018 deal on selected models (info here) and Nabooda Auto has a similar deal on Volkswagen cars here.

There are loads more deals around so keep an eye out if you’re looking for a new car!

Car Deals

Theme Parks

The two main theme parks in Dubai are offering discounted tickets and food packages with the tickets. IMG worlds is now offering 50 dirham food voucher for each ticket paid for, whereas Dubai Parks and Resorts is offering discounted entry tickets for 95 dirhams (8pm-12am) and along with that you get unlimited food and drink. (More info for IMG worlds here and for Dubai Parks and Resorts here)

Dubai parks

Eid Packages

Lastly there are certain Eid holiday packages that are crazy cheap that you can book for a few nights over the Eid period, for example, Holiday Factory have loads of great deals here and Musafir have some amazing locations here for Eid. I’m sure there are more places that are offering deals for Eid breaks but those are the two that I found worth it!


So as much as Ramadan is a month of spirituality and peace, in Dubai it’s also one where business owners are fully taking part in the ‘Year of Giving‘ to benefit all those who live in Dubai so I hope we can all make the most of it!

Year of Giving


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