Ramadan goals – What do you need to work on?

Apr • 15 • 2019

So going on from our previous Ramadan etiquette blog post (you can find it here) I thought I’d follow up by writing up our goals for this Ramadan.

For us Ramadan goals aren’t just for Ramadan – we use it as a starting point to really sit down and think about the things we would like to work on or change about ourselves and our lifestyles.

Last year we were in the process of moving into our new home so we weren’t able to really get into the spirit of Ramadan, so this year we decided to really make that effort and be more purposeful with our time.

We broke our goals into three things; spiritual goals, health aims and community goals.

My goals:

Spiritual – I want to make more of an effort to pray with my mind focused on God – recently I’ve noticed my mind starts to wander when praying and I don’t seem to connect fully. I’ve started doing yoga so I know exactly how to start letting go of my worries and focusing.

Health – Continue working out – I’ve started yoga and hula hooping so my aim is to expand on the workout routine and incorporate the gym. Along with the exercising I want to eat much healthier and continue taking natural supplements.

Community – There’s an amazing Ramadan initiative called Ramadan Sharing Fridges in the UAE, which encourages the community to donate food and drink for the labourers and construction workers – click here for more info. We are going to make an effort to donate twice a week during Ramadan and then to continue after Ramadan  we are going to share food at least once a week with the labourers around our area.

Ayaan’s Goals:

Spiritual – Attend weekly Arabic classes and spend at least two hours a week practicing what I’ve learnt. This will help me to read and understand the Qur’an and hopefully expand my knowledge of the Arabic language.

Health – Incorporate gym sessions into the week – do a plan of what part of the body I’ll focus on each day and eating three healthy meals a day, along with snacks in between.

Community – Giving some of our cooked food to the watch men and neighbours as much as possible. Supporting Safiyya in the Ramadan sharing fridge initiative.


You don’t have to be Muslim or someone who observes fasting during Ramadan, to make positive changes in your life. If there are things you wish to change or goals you want to reach then honestly just sit down and plan it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when planning your goals  always be realistic as you’re definitely more likely to achieve them – often we set impossible idealistic goals and the give up at the first hurdle because it all becomes too difficult… So start small and work your way up to becoming the most perfect you!

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  1. JerseyGirl

    What a great post, it’s really interesting to get your take on Ramadan (as although it impacts me here a lot, I’m obviously not fasting) and think setting goals for yourselves is a wonderful way for you guys to get out what I know is an important time for you both. I toatlly agree that we should all take the month to re focus and think about others less fortunate and connect more with ourselves.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thexpatUAE

      Thank you hun! I feel like we’ve really lost ourselves compared to at home so we want to refocus and do more meaningful things. I forgot to add travel to that but I’ll do another blog post about travel plans. Feel like we’ve not made the most of being central to a lot of amazing countries!

      Liked by 1 person

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