Do you need a break when you live in Dubai?

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Now this might sound like a real silly question but it’s one we get a lot when we mention we need to book a weekend away so I thought I’d address it in a blog.

Everything you hear about Dubai being a top tourist destination and a hot holiday spot is so true – I personally can’t fault it and would recommend Dubai to any of my family and friends when they’re looking for a place to visit… You have amazing beaches, some of the best restaurants ever and so much to do you could never have a boring holiday. However, what a lot of people seem to forget is that while we share amazing Instagram photos and blogs, we actually LIVE here – this means we still do the mundane household things anyone would do wherever you live. My husband works long hours, we have to do our weekly/monthly shop, we have houses to maintain including washing, cleaning and ironing (yes we do that ourselves 😲) and most importantly we have bills to pay!

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With that being said it’s hard to say we’re on a permanent holiday – like some people might naively assume! Yes we can go to the beach on the weekends when our household tasks are done and yes the sun is always shining but with hubby working long hours, it does get difficult to do much on the weekend. He really needs some down time…. So comes the idea of weekends away.

Over the last year we’ve been to Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah for a mini break and I can honestly say having those two/three days away from Dubai makes a HUGE difference.

One of the best things about being in Dubai is that there are so many other cities and countries a short distance away so why wouldn’t someone want to get away for a break? I mean even in London we’d go to North or South of England for a break, and being in Dubai is no different. Changing beaches, tall skyscrapers and bustling city life for mountains, wadi’s and slower paced life can do wonders!

So for those who are shocked when we plan weekends away – always remember  it’s healthy to get away from your usual surroundings, step back and regroup your thoughts ready for the weeks ahead.



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  1. Expat Panda

    What I said wrong with people seriously? Why would anyone assume you are on a permanent holiday 😂 Just because you live in a tourist destination doesn’t mean you need a break! A change of scenery is always good no matter where you live!


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