It’s not always fun and games in the desert.

It's not always fun and games in the Desert

Dubai life is amazing, we enjoy ourselves more than we did in the UK, however there are some things that happen daily to remind you you’re living in the desert….

  • Sandstorms and dust – they come without warning and affect all of your plans! Driving becomes really dangerous as visibility can literally be zero and seeing sand flow across the road can be real distracting. Also as beautiful as our balcony is – it gets real tiresome trying to keep it sand free and no one likes to relax on a sandy balcony!!
  • Construction – as there is a lot of free desert land there will always be construction going on – you will see skyscrapers, shopping malls, new areas being created all the time so it takes a little time expecting the unexpected, for example, when your usual route home is suddenly disrupted and you have to figure out another way to get home, or the road is blocked half way and you have to drive on the desert to get back on track (yes literally on the desert).
  • Cold/Flu – People naturally assume living here you don’t get sick, however I’ve learnt that as soon as the seasons change from winter to summer and vice versa, it takes a little while for my body to adjust hence the onset of colds/flu. It’s also a little confusing for your body sniffling away, drinking hot drinks when it’s so hot!
  • Summer Months – This has to be the biggest downfall – People assume living in Dubai means having fun all year around – but what people fail to realise is… It’s actually really hard to go out in the Summer months. We often get a lot of comments from people saying you can go for summer walks etc….. The only walk we want to do in temperatures over 40 degrees is to jump into a cold pool! Activity is limited during the Summer months hence why schools are closed for just over two months. You’ll find a lot of expats tend to go back home so it’s no surprise when the residential areas are so quiet.

Okay so these points aren’t so bad but it’s good to mention the difficulties we face and remind any potential Dubai expats that it’s not always fun and games in the desert! Having said that we still wouldn’t go back to our old lives in the UK! 😂




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  1. Expat Panda

    As someone who is on the verge of getting the flu (I have that scratchy feeling in my throat), I can 100% agree with you on every item in this list. The only thing I would add, which is applicable to Kuwait, is that it is also difficult to go out in winter when the average day temperature is around 3 degrees. I know that is not super cold for people in the northern hemisphere but it is disconcerting to live through 50 degrees and 5 degrees in once place! I think also that I view the construction you mentioned as a positive point because in Kuwait there is just no progress happening! If there is construction, it usually isn’t complete… ever.


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