Facebook Live – how powerful and influential is it?


If you think about the way we all find out about things that go on around the world, it seems to be getting more and more transparent – that’s a good thing right? I mean look at all the news stories we are bombarded with daily about tragedies in third world countries, terrorist acts around the world and the crazy numbers of young ones getting stabbed or shot as a result of gang related problems – we’re finding all this out within minutes and are constantly updated as new things come to light.

Since living in Dubai I tend to rely on social media to find out what’s happening back home and around the world. However, whilst I am kept up to date via social media, I have also been exposed to things I really don’t appreciate viewing for example, has anyone else noticed the depressing new trend of Facebook Live killings?!?! Like really?! The most recent one included a man killing his 11 month old baby and then himself 😐 …. I have no words.

All these forms of communication are great fun when people use them to put across good news and interacting with followers etc – I love seeing my friends stream their outings or having a group chat on random topics. However, it is REALLY disturbing when people are feeling so low that they feel the need to not only hurt/kill themselves/others, but they have to stream it live – emotionally scarring people who stumble across the videos by accident (it’s really hard to avoid those videos on Facebook!)

It’s just made me realise how powerful Facebook Live has become and although it’s not in a good way, it worries me how much it’s encouraging others to do the same – it’s like a domino effect.

I really don’t know what the answer is – but I do know that Facebook Live has become such a trending platform for streaming killings/rapes/suicide etc and will continue to influence others for as long as there is a place for it.


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