Expat Life – I think it’s given me ants in my pants!

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So for those of you who are a little confused by the title, the saying ‘Ants in your pants’ refers to being overly excited about something or not being able to sit still.

Sitting still is the part relevant to this blog.

There is so much that goes into making the move to live an expat life; the emotional roller-coasters, the practicality of adapting to a new way of life, a change in relationships you once valued and the unexpected journey of self-reflection… So having invested this much into leaving your home comforts, it can make you feel like you need to do everything possible to make your expat life a fruitful one. Almost like you need to make the struggle worth it.


Being in Dubai for over a year, I feel like I’ve become accustomed to the way of life here, I’m comfortable and I know what to expect and how to deal with things. Everything was going smoothly until I read this email that was sent to hubby about a potential job proposition in Kuwait – now I know Ayaan isn’t in any position to leave Dubai yet – he’s only just started the job of his dreams and is doing what he loves – but for me all I could think about was the excitement of moving and adapting to another country. I miss the buzz of trying to make sense of a new way of life – I definitely love change and I think I’m beginning to love the uncertainty that comes with expat living.

Some day I'm going to travel the world (1)

Life is too short to be stuck in one place and I’ve learnt so much in the last year that I’m excited to see what else is out there in the world…. I honestly believe I’ve changed a lot since being in Dubai and thanks to a range of experiences I’ve developed a different outlook on life. However, like I said Ayaan has only just started the job he’s always dreamed of working, andย as boring as it sounds I think we need to be more financially stable and have more money behind us before we even considering moving to another place.

So for nowย I have to tame those ants in my pants, but I hope one day soon we’ll be in a position to say the time is right for us to try other places.

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  1. kwong575

    I’m moving to Zurich in a couple days with my partner and I’ve been feeling extremely nervous about it, but you’ve given me a lot to look forward too! It will definitely be different and challenging at first but that’s half the fun! Thank you


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