Dukes Dubai – the best of British in the UAE

Welcome to Dukes Dubai!

Following an unexpected yet amazing stay in the newly opened Dukes Dubai hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, I knew I had to share my experience of this British themed hotel for fellow expats.

Before booking this hotel (that had only been open a week), we drove down to see what it was about – we had not heard of it previously and you all know we love the Palm so it was a no brainer to check it out. As we drove up the ramp we were really worried… The first thing we saw was construction… Needless to say we were all relieved as we drove past the construction to a quaint hotel entrance – thankfully we saw that the hotel isn’t a construction site lol!

Quintessentially British lobby area

As we entered the hotel we were amazed by this HUGE glass chandelier, which sparkled and immediately drew us in! The lobby set up was STUNNING – I haven’t seen anything like this in Dubai so far – there were different areas made to look like a classic British home – arm chairs, bookcases, candlesticks the lot! It really did feel like home. There was no doubt this was a British style hotel and we loved it!


We explained to reception staff that we needed to make a last minute booking and we were immediately offered a tour of the different types of rooms that were available (thanks Rodion for answering our multitude of questions lol). This is the bit where I was super excited…. Similar to Dukes London, Dukes Dubai have a Duchess floor…. A floor dedicated to us ladies!!!!! All staff serving those rooms are women, so for someone who wears hijab, or if you simply feel more comfy with women only facilities, you will absolutely love this floor. Mum and I decided to go for a room on the Duchess floor (how could we not?!).

Room on the Duchess Floor

Check in was a breeze and staff were so reassuring throughout our stay. As it is a soft opening (unofficial opening for business) it was really nice to stay at the hotel whilst it’s a little more quiet – this gave us the unique opportunity to really experience the hotel and the services they offer. All members of staff had a wealth of knowledge about the British culture behind the hotel, and every single member of staff reassured us that they are there to help us – from valet and reception to room maintenance.

A cute surprise left for us in our Duchess room

One of the gems of the hotel is the Great British Restaurant. As we opted for the bed and breakfast package we were fortunate to have a lovely breakfast every morning in the GBR. Breakfast here is similar to most breakfasts that are offered in Dubai hotels, but again the thing that sets Dukes apart from the rest was the fact that staff were SUPER accommodating and paid special attention to our individual requests. We were really made to feel special when waiters didn’t need reminding of our specific orders… One day we came down for breakfast and find our table set up with a bottle of water and glass for mum to take her medication before eating, and tea prepared just the way we liked it. It’s little things like this that made our time here so perfect. Thanks Uros for my made to order Vanilla Latte!

Breakfast hosts an eggs station where you can get made to order eggs along with hash browns, beans etc, baked goods section, made to order fresh waffles and pancakes station, handmade jams, cereals, fresh juices, fruit infused water – basically a lot! The only difference in variety is that during the time we stayed there was no change in the food that was offered, whereas in other Dubai hotels they tend to have a rotation of food that’s on offer.

Unique things about the rooms – there is this amazing mirror effect window which transforms at the touch of a button; if you prefer to bathe/shower with a view you can keep the window effect on.. If you want more privacy you press the switch and it does this amazing thing where it turns into a mirror and no body can see in! Yes I’m a little kid when it comes to things like this lol!

Part of the baked goods station

Toilets are crazy lol they have washing facilities within the toilet so you just need to turn a button (front and back options available lol) and a little spray comes out to clean you! C’mon how can you not love this place?! P.s. Don’t try checking the sprays without putting your bum on the seat – the spray will go EVERYWHERE lol! I really am coming across like an excitable child right now!


The rooms offer the standard free water, with tea and coffee making facilities which are topped up daily, as well as a fridge that has complimentary Cadbury’s chocolate, orange juice, milk and water (this is topped up every other day).

Room service – Well… all I’m going to say is the Dukes Dubai room service is the best we’ve ever experienced. It was easy to order, we were even given times they will deliver by and they always arrived before the set time – we had food within 14-16 minutes of ordering – express service deffo! The member of staff who brought the food up would not only place the adjustable table where you want but also presented the food steaming hot from a hot box under the table! Honestly this room service was on point – we felt like we had a 5* restaurant experience in our room, whilst in our African PJ’s lol!

Pepperoni Pizza anyone?

A few realistic points to mention – there is a lot of construction surrounding Dukes hotel… Although this didn’t affect our stay at all, some rooms have a view where there is construction in sight – what we’d suggest is discussing your requirements or preferences with the reception staff and they can suggest the best room for you.

Always keep in mind that this is a soft opening hotel so there are certain things that aren’t complete but in my honest opinion, the whole experience was so amazing that the small draw backs didn’t affect our holiday one bit! For example, the hotel has not yet opened their swimming pool/sauna etc but for now they offer free access to the Oceana infinity pool and private beach which can get quite busy.

Toni and Guy salon coming soon!

The hotel also has a Dukes Bar similar to the one in London, a business centre and soon to open the famous Mumbai restaurant Khyber, Toni and Guy Salon and a Tea Lounge. So there is still a lot more to come!

I would honestly recommend this hotel for the quintessential British experience alone – all the other things are definitely a bonus. Dukes Dubai is one of a kind here in Dubai and situated on the Palm you get the amazing views also!


A huge thank you to Abdel, Rodian, Amit, Atif and Sonia from Reception, Dean and Carl from the Food and Beverages team, Uros, Aaqeela, Anas, Daniel, Subodh and Mireldine from the Great British Restaurant team, Candice from the Business Centre, Nicola from the Duchess Floor services, for making our stay at Dukes Dubai a great one!

We have a vlog coming soon about the Dukes Dubai hotel so stay tuned for that! If you have any questions feel free to contact us or check out the hotel website here –

Website: www.dukesdubai.com

Developers behind Dukes Hotel: www.seventides.com

Marina and JBR view from the hotel

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