The unexpected reality of being a new Dubai Expat – Part 2.


So we’ve figured out the main things to look out for when looking for/ accepting job offers in Dubai. Now we’ll move on to the social aspect of it.

This is most probably the hardest thing for some people, in particular those that come to Dubai alone. Living alone in a whole new country can be really daunting and we’ve known people who have moved back to their home country purely because they find it lonely.

With all the brunches, social events and people being so friendly here, how do people feel lonely?! Well if we’re totally honest it usually comes down to all the trials that we mentioned in Part 1 of this topic (click here to Part 1) – when going through a difficult transition like moving from the UK to Dubai, it can be a really tough time. So considering it’s a new country – you don’t know how things work here, you don’t know who you can turn to for help and then you go home to an empty apartment at the end of each day – Any sane person would begin to feel low… However we have some points that could potentially change this experience and make it an amazing one!


Firstly, don’t ever get embarrassed to ask for help or guidance – remember majority of people here are expats and most likely will have been through what you’re going through now. Most expats we’ve met in Dubai have been really helpful and caring people so don’t ever keep your worries or concerns to yourself. No problem is too big here within the expat community – if you do struggle to find likeminded expats drop us a line here and we can direct you to the best places to meet others. It might feel like being the new kid in the playground at first but eventually you’ll find your squad lol!


Secondly, take any bumps in the road in your stride – it won’t always be difficult – all change is hard but you have to make sure you remember it’s just a different way of life, different processes and rules. Once the first few months are over you will have found your own social circle, got your visa, Emirates ID and accommodation sorted – all will be well, you just have to stay focused and try not lose the will to live at every hurdle lol.

Thirdly, accept every single social invitation you get. There are always dinners, BBQs, brunches etc to go to , and the best way to meet people is to put yourself out there – be the social butterfly! It may be weird meeting people online in other parts of the world, but meeting an expat through social media is quite the norm here! We’ve met SO many amazing people through theXpats platform and built some good friendships along the way! So definitely join up to Facebook groups or connect with people on social media to put yourself out there more. Just to add most locals here are warming and generous with their social invites so you’re lucky if you get to make close friends with an Emirati family – you’ll have a family for life if you do!


Lastly, remember being an expat is all about experiences – you need to be able to come to Dubai, experience life here and move on with stories to tell. It’s easy for someone to focus on the bad because it’s ‘different to how we do it at home’ but if you stop resisting change you will adapt much quicker. It’s a new way of life but one that I feel like everyone should experience. Never move to another country without doing your research and speaking to expats who have already made the move.

If you or anyone you know needs any help or advice on meeting new people or getting help with any issues, contact us here and we will get back to you asap.

We have one more blog post in this little series so stay tuned for Part 3!



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