What is ‘White Noise’ and will it work for you?

Bedtime (4)

This post was inspired by my handsome nephew so thank you bubbas for your white noise lol aka Shusher 👶

So what is ‘White Noise’? Well for those who don’t know –

white noise –
noun: white noise
– noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities.

Simply, it’s the term for those random background sounds like that consistent static noise on the TV/radio or the humming of a fan.

The reason behind this blog was a discussion hubby and I had with my bro and sis in law about this app they use, which emits white noise to help my nephew sleep. Now practically we know it works, my nephew is knocked out within minutes with the Shusher on – it literally is a consistent sound that is meant to resemble the whooshing noise of the womb, which for babies is the only sound they’ve known since conception – as long as there are not sudden loud noises, my nephew is gone for the night!

I had heard previously that people who listen to white noise are more focused and can think more clearly as they are not distracted by the other noises around them – in particular, I have known parents to leave the hoover on to help their baby sleep (a larger version of the Shusher app LOL!) – but we wanted to know the theory behind it so here is what I’ve found…

According to BrainStuff they say white noise is soothing and helps people/babies sleep because essentially the consistent varying frequencies of noise help block out or ‘mask’ other sounds – so you’re tuned into the background noise and in theory can sleep easier through anything else. They go further and say having a white noise being played when working in busy environments can help mask those extra sounds like someone chatting away or someone typing too loud lol – thus helping you focus on working.

This got me thinking about other sounds that could be considered white noise and how it affects me – for example, I think this theory must be the reason why I (and I’m sure many others) love the sea – there is something really therapeutic about sitting on the beach and just listening the consistent sound of waves crashing – I can definitely fall asleep to the sound of that, and I do find when I am by the sea I tend to talk less and focus on myself more! Have you noticed a lot of people do this by the sea? You just stare out at the waves and you’re at peace!

So to sum up we definitely believe in the theory of white noise and it’s benefits – our questions to you are – have you tried white noise to help sleep or focus more? What effects does it have on you if any?

Let us know if you’ve tried it or use this method!

P.S – for any mommas with babies try the white noise via this Baby Shusher App – it’s been approved by my nephew lol!


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