Top 5 things to do for free in Dubai

Top 5 things to do for free inDubai.png

We’ve had a lot of people ask us about cheaper things to do in Dubai and almost all were shocked when we said we could suggest a number of free things to do in Dubai – so we decided to put together this blog with our top 5 places to go without paying a dirham!

Beach – Okay this might be a common sense one but honestly Jumeirah Beach Residence has so much going on in terms of entertainment that you could easily spend a fun day here! There’s all kinds of entertainment on the beach and on The Walk which is adjacent to the beach front. Activities and entertainment change frequently so you’ll never get sick of going here for a cheap day out. Take along a picnic with you and you have the perfect beach day!


Improv Theatre – I have to say Courtyard Playhouse is one of the best comedy nights I’ve had ever – as it’s improv it is all that more enjoyable – you feel as though you are getting to know the characters of the actors/actresses, and encourages crowd participation too! The best part is even though it’s essentially free you can donate whatever you want or think it deserves at the end of the night so there’s no pressure on what you put in. Check here for our blogpost about our experience at Courtyard Playhouse.

Desert Safari – I’m not talking about the commercial tourist safari’s here, I’m talking the real deal with true Emirati’s. There is something really exciting about climbing into a 4×4 driven by an experienced local into an empty desert, showcasing his dune bashing skills (you will be squealing trust me lol) until he finds you that perfect spot to offload and set up a traditional BBQ. Read our blog post here on a real desert safari. If anyone would like help in connecting with a local to try a true desert safari, drop us a message and we can introduce you to a few people who would be more than happy to take you along! (Just to add desert BBQ season is generally the winter months so from end of Oct – April) – It’s just way too hot in the summer!


Al Barsha Pond Park – This park has a range of things to do for all types of people! It has basketball courts, a purpose built running track, bouncy castles and it also holds a Ripe Market every Saturday. Another great place to soak up some greenery, enjoy the pond (yes I know it’s man made but better that than nothing right?!) and take a long a picnic to make a great day of it! Of course the best part it’s all free!

Bastakiya – This is a historic area of Old Dubai. It houses old style courtyard buildings, the Dubai Museum, art cafe, tiny coffee/tea places – it looks far from any of the glamorous parts of Dubai. This takes you back years and makes you feel like you’re in a totally different place! Wandering aimlessly through this area is the best bit, you don’t know what you’ll find where, the least amount of planning beforehand the better! You can finish off the day strolling through the souks. Read more about Old Dubai here.


So there you go… 5 different things you can do in Dubai for free. Just remember Dubai is what you make it – there is something here for everyone, whether it’s for budget travellers or for high flyers, traditional explorers or luxury seekers, as long as you’re willing to explore, you will be surprised what is out here in the desert!



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