Do you feel the sunshine impacts your mood?


Following on from my trip back from rainy London, as well as the recent unusual weather in Dubai, hubby and I were talking about how grumpy and low we had felt and as much as I want to say this was just because I was missing the husband (LOL), I know there’s more to it.

It might sound like such a simple equation sun + going out loads = good mood, but we think it goes much deeper. For example, when I got back to Dubai it felt as thought my body was thirsty for sunshine! I wanted to leave the balcony doors open to soak up whatever sun I could get – I felt agitated staying in the house – which was a sudden change because in London all I wanted to do was stay home! It really did make me feel so much happier to be exposed to sun and was definitely a mood lifter but what is the science behind feeling like this? The term ‘Winter Blues’ is something we always say in the Winter but I had never looked into where this came from and whether there actually was any truth behind it.


According to the NHS website there is indeed ‘Winter Blues’ or more specifically SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder); which is when you feel lethargic, low and depressed during specific seasons, i.e. winter. The theory behind this is that as there are shorter daylight hours, we don’t get enough light into our systems which then causes us to produce more melatonin and thus want to sleep more or feel lazier (Click here to read the full NHS article). This would explain why in Summer people are happier, outgoing etc and why the sunshine boosts your mood so much… Oh and you notice a lot more people wanting to work out too!

I’ve also read on various websites from people who suffer SAD that they had positive response to light therapy. According to PsychCentral ‘If your symptoms are mild, meaning, if they do not interfere in and completely ruin your daily life, light therapy may help you beat SAD. Using light therapy has shown highly effective. Studies prove that between 50% and 80% of light therapy users have complete remissions of symptoms.’ This is a hugeeeee!


I have to say I’ve never felt a case of the ‘Winter Blues’ as bad as I did in my recent trip to London and I fully believe that was down to the sudden contrast between sunny Dubai and rainy London. Having read up on the ‘Winter Blues’ and learning more about SAD, I honestly feel blessed to be in Dubai – especially knowing how I felt when I got back from London! I totally get why people move to warmer countries and why people like to retire in places like Spain etc.

Needless to say we will definitely be making the most of the sun in Dubai☀️️ – as if you need any more reasons to keep going to the beach lol!



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