TheXpats reunite! Is home where the heart is?


So finally Ayaan and I are back together!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels as though my time in London flew by…But at the same time it feels like I’ve been away from Ayaan for so long!

I was anxious about how I would feel coming back to Dubai after a month of catching up with my best friends, spending every day with my parents (and my cat lol!) and going through the last of our boxes with old home items/wedding gifts etc. It was a special time as I got to celebrate a close friend’s baby shower (I had missed her wedding being in Dubai so being here for her baby shower meant even more). I also got to reconnect with some friends from the past (old school friends and work colleagues). So all in all it was a special time in London…

Baby shower photo booth props.

As the 1st of March came closer I started thinking ‘what if I go back and actually miss being in the UK?’ or most importantly ‘can I cope with missing more important events like weddings and friends having babies?’ – something I know almost ALL expats will face at some point in their lives.

However, there was Ayaan kept me focused on our future plans and reminded me why we chose to live this life… Ayaan gave me the courage to push all of the ‘what if’ situations to the back of my mind and get back on that plane back to Dubai.

Welcome home gifts from the husband!

When I landed in Dubai and we were driving home, we passed the familiar skyscrapers and monuments like Burj Khalifa, which made me smile thinking of the fun days we’d had around those areas, but the thing that gave me the best feeling was looking to my left, seeing my best friend and feeling a sense of excitement for the months ahead. This is when it hit me…’I’m home!’… My home is no longer London, the place I spent my whole life, purely because for me my home is wherever my husband is. As much as friends and family mean the world to me…. My husband literally is my other half and my best friend so when I’m with him I feel a sense of peace – not forgetting Dubai isn’t a bad swap for London lol!

I know living as an expat comes with a lot of consequences – for example, missing key dates or events, or not seeing people you love for a while, but having said all of this I feel like we’re in a time in life that makes it easier for people to stay connected and maintain contact; through Skype, Facebook etc – being an expat is easier now than it was before!

What I’ve learnt from this whole trip back to the UK is that home doesn’t have a specific place or postcode… Home doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone… Home, for me, is where my heart is and my heart is with my husband.

Man that was one soppy post LOL! Must be tired from the travelling – normal posts will resume from tomorrow 😂

It’s been a rainy month!


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