Expat Life – Transition from tourist to a resident.


Being back in London after a year in Dubai, I was thinking at what point did we transition from being tourists to being residents?… Now I don’t mean on paper or by a visa stamp, I mean in our minds.

We started off in Dubai by spending several months in different hotels and I think that contributed to us having this holiday mentality – (well more me as hubby was working so he had semi turned into a resident as soon as he arrived). It was easy for us to go out for fancy meals unnecessarily, spend our evenings out relaxing and soaking up the atmosphere in some of Dubai’s hot spots or accepting every single brunch/dinner invite going…. After a while it not only drained our finances but was also quite tiring.

There came a time where we just wanted to relax on the sofa and watch TV or weirdly enough I missed cleaning my OWN place, instead of having those overly enthusiastic cleaners who would clean politely around me because I couldn’t be bothered to leave the hotel room whilst they cleaned or having to chase up housekeeping for toilet rolls!!


Fast forward six months and several failed apartment hunts later, we finally found our new home. As with any new apartment there comes the fun of buying new house items and putting together our dream Dubai home! But of course when you’re spending money kitting up a new home, there are some sacrifices that have to be made and our entire routine of going out so much had to change….

Whenever we were home we thought twice about going out because we had invested so much in this apartment that we understandably wanted to enjoy it… And that’s when it hit us… We’re not tourists anymore! This isn’t a two week holiday, this is our life now so we need some kind of normality and routine – cue housewife mode where I began to cook daily, we started weekly plans for things we needed to get done in the house, and my fave part is that we incorporated our date nights into our new routine!


Dubai is a place where you can live a luxurious life but we prefer to have the odd lavish night out and spend more quality time together, after all we’re not tourists anymore!

Oh and just to end on a positive…Ayaan you better have a good date night planned for when I come back LOL! 🙂


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