Expats, are you a planner or a free spirit?


Questions we get asked a lot as expats; ‘What is your plan?’ ‘How long will you stay in Dubai?’ ‘Will you ever come back home?’

But the truth is when we took the steps onto this journey we had no plan! Well not any long term plans, we literally thought we need to take advantage of the opportunity that we were faced with at the time and bam we’re in Dubai!

I’ve met expats who are rigid planners with a short term goal and once they’ve achieved it they are content in moving back home. On the other hand you get the free spirit, the one who maybe has a few loose long term goals, but ultimately are travelling where their hearts take them and have no concrete plans on their return home.


I think people who take that step to become an expat already possess an element of a free spirited soul, as they’ve moved away from the standard life in their home country and taken on a whole new life. I also think once you’ve taken that step away from your home comforts, it gives you the courage to carry on moving. This is not unusual for expats to go from one place to another and I’m sure hubby and I will be one of those couples who keep going! We have a thirst to see what the world has to offer!

We know a part of us will always be in Dubai with our little boy being buried there, but will we always stay close to Dubai, will we travelling around the UAE or a little wider around the Middle East? Or to a whole other continent?! Who knows!

We all have our own reasons for moving abroad and I’ll always be interested in hearing what fellow expats plan when taking that huge step into the expat world…So do you have any plans? If you’re planning to move back home, when do you plan to do so?



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