Does absence make the heart grow fonder?


As hubby and I have been together every day for the past year, I honestly thought it would be easier for us to be apart for a month… Boy was I wrong!

My first week in London I’d say was a novelty for me, seeing my parents and meeting up with friends then rushing to Skype hubby to tell him about my day…. but then slowly I noticed the time difference as we struggled to find the right time to Skype – his bed time was my dinner time etc, which meant some nights we’d have no choice but to sleep without our Skype conversation. Now as hard as that was it got me thinking about those couples that choose to live apart from their loved ones.

I don’t know if anyone knows of a couple who do this but I remember reading about couples who choose live separately a few days a week which has helped to increase the love and create more meaningful time together. Can this actually be healthy??

There was one particular case that stood out to me as their marriage was on the edge of divorce and was saved by a new living arrangement which meant they lived apart several days a week; click here for full article.

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Now me personally I like to be around my husband, this includes just being in each other’s company even if we’re doing our own things, for example, if hubby is editing a video, I’m happy to be around him but reading or writing a blog. However, I can imagine there are a lot of people who have been married for a very long time, start to take their spouse for granted and then seem to think divorce is their only option, when in reality living apart could make their married life a whole lot better!

I think having time apart is definitely healthy but for us time apart would be me having a girls night out and hubby going out with his friends. I can’t imagine us not coming home to each other. As soppy as it sounds Ayaan is more than a husband to me, he’s a friend that I love to come home to and tell him all the goss of the day lol (not that he always listens LOL). So I don’t think we could ever do the living apart for a few days but I totally get why people would choose to live like this!

So do you know any married couples who choose to live apart? What are your views?



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  1. Expat Panda

    Well my husband and I live apart although not by choice… sometimes distance makes us love harder but of course nothing beats coming home to a hug and kiss! I think that each couple has a system that works for them and even when we don’t agree with it or can’t see the wisdom behind it, its important to respect them as long as the couple is happy!


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