Clearing up some of the myths and mysteries that surround Dubai!


Before moving to Dubai we were faced with a mixture of emotions from different people – some were so happy they had their next holiday sorted lol, whilst others were concerned about our safety in a city that is considered the Middle East.. As if it is a direct comparison to war torn places you see on the news!!

We feel like there are some people who are so concerned with things like what you’re allowed to wear in public or what you’re not allowed to do etc that it stops them from exploring Dubai. Especially with horror stories flying around which tarnishes the city. This is why we decided to write up this blog to clear up some of those silly rumours that are flying around…


I won’t go into detail of every single item of clothing that could possibly be allowed but I will say dress modestly and you will have no problems. By modestly I mean covering cleavage and not wearing clothes that are too revealing. Also just make sure the attire is suitable for the place you are visiting; for example, bikini’s are allowed around pools/beach/water parks etc  but you should generally cover from your shoulders to your knees (e.g. tshirts, shorts, vest tops with a cardi, knee length skirts etc) in other public places like malls/museums/communal hotel areas etc. This means not displaying underwear or swimwear in those places. Also I know this is self explanatory but when visiting mosques you’ll be asked to cover your head and any body parts that are showing (most mosques provide long skirts etc for visitors) It’s all common sense really! Dubai is quite lenient in terms of dress code and there are guidelines outside each mall to remind you. You can contact us if you have any more questions about acceptable clothing in Dubai.


There are a lot of myths about how women are treated in Dubai (mainly how oppressed they are) and I have to say as a Western woman it is all a load of crap! I have been treated with more respect and care in Dubai than I have in any other city I’ve been to so far! Women have their own sections on the Metro that they can choose to sit in if they wish (they can use any of the other carriages if they want to), there are hospitals dedicated purely to women with female doctors/nurses (which for me was amazing as I feel 100 times more comfortable discussing my health with a woman!), there are pink taxis driven by women that can be booked via the Dubai Taxi booking line so that eases the concern of travelling alone with a male driver…Do I need to go on? Honestly I have never felt safer than I do in Dubai and I am FAR from oppressed being an expat housewife!!!!

PDA – Public Displays of Affection

Does anyone like this shoved in their faces?! One thing I will say time and time again is that Dubai is a family orientated country so naturally excessive kissing and making out isn’t allowed in public places. There’s no harm in hugs or holding hands etc but more than that I would expect someone to come up to you to complain. Whatever you want to do behind closed doors is your business but you don’t need to flaunt your love or desires in public lol! You’ll notice signs outside malls about this too!


Getting Arrested

People always hear horror stories in the media about people getting arrested but you have to realise where there are laws and regulations in a country, they should be followed and all will be well. You can easily have a great holiday in Dubai and never get in trouble! The horror stories are always exaggerated for media purposes but also it’s one of those things that I’d call scaremongering – get the world in a panic. Honestly, we had been to Dubai several times before moving here and not once did we have any trouble. You can’t get arrested for wearing inappropriate clothing etc but if you do stupid things like getting drunk and cause trouble, then of course there will be some kind of repercussions! There are rules for a reason and Dubai is one of the most lenient cities I have been to. It is safe purely because of the laws that protect the people who visit or live there. Don’t let the media scare you off!

Dubai is fake

Okay so while there are many parts of Dubai that are man made, there are also parts that are as real as a desert gets! Since being in Dubai I’ve been on traditional desert drives with local Emirati families and I’ve seen real camel farms in the middle of no mans land, driven in real desert sand dunes (not the touristy ones), I’ve seen old parts of Dubai where boats still dock carrying goods and souks with no flashiness or luxury… I honestly could go on. Before planning a trip here you need to check back on our website. I’m going to do a blog post on the real spots to visit in Dubai. Also if anyone is planning a visit soon let us know and we can suggest alternatives to the usual tourist spots!

So to sum this blog up…..Come visit Dubai for yourself and you will definitely have a great time but also you can be a myth buster for others!

If you have any worries or concerns feel free to email us here!



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  1. Expat Panda

    I am absolutely looking forward to your post about the authentic places to visit in Dubai! I live in Kuwait and I also experienced the same of misconceptions prior to me moving here. However I feel exactly the same especially about the treatment of women (I feel like a queen here) and clothing (people always assume you are going to start wearing a burqa when you move). Love your posts!


  2. What are the most asked questions about Dubai? – theXpats

    […] Yes you can. You’ll notice Dubai is very lenient in terms of what you can wear, however there are some rules that generally apply to what you wear in public places and that usually includes not having your assets out in public or wearing the bikini you wore to the pool to the shopping mall lol. We have covered some of the myths about clothing in Dubai here. […]


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