Reflecting on the life cycle – when you have to treat older people like babies.


It’s been just over a week since hubby and I have been apart and needless to say when you watch his vlogs you can tell he is having a great time without me LOL! Don’t worry ladies I’ve told him he better be planning a whole load of romantic date nights when I get back to Dubai!

So back to London. A week in my parents’ home has got me reflecting on the human life cycle – more specifically the role a parent takes on throughout your life changes so much its crazy. I mean a few years ago I was living at home and I was THEIR responsibility. My parents ran the house and were my guardians – if I needed anything or had to go anywhere or was sick, their role was to help, guide and take care of me. Fast forward to today and I feel like I’m the one taking care of them – reminding them to take it easy, doing the work drop offs/pick ups, taking them to their appointments and fighting their corner when things come up.

I feel like having a year away from them to now spending every day with them, has opened my eyes to how old they are getting. It’s so different to seeing them for an hour or so on Skype every other day. You see how long it takes them to get things done, or how stuck in their routine they get etc. It really has opened my eyes.

This change in roles shows me that the older we get the more love we need, the more attention we crave, the more support we need to complete day to day tasks – it’s as though, after a certain time in our lives, we need to be treated like a baby. For example, I remember with my grand-dad, we had to explain things to him as though we were talking to a child. We had to reassure him like you would reassure a baby that they are okay and things will be fine.


I’m ashamed to say this but before making the trip down to London, I really did take my parents for granted. You always assume your parents will be there for you but when you open your eyes you’ll start to realise it’ll soon be you who is that parent craving the attention and love from your kids – the same way our parents do now.

I feel like I’m getting to that point with my parents where I feel like I want to look after them, reassure them things are okay and take control of things so they don’t have to worry so much. It’s exactly how you feel with kids! I feel like I finally understand the concept of our life cycle and the fact that humans are designed to care for one another. We need to focus on that aspect more than getting annoyed that our parents want our attention or company. We’re really missing out on those moments where you realise there is a huge role reversal going on in life and we need to embrace those changes so we can continue this life cycle with our kids, grand-kids and so on.


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