Money Matters – named brands vs cheaper alternatives; do you know the difference?


A few years ago I took part in Made of Money training which helped us to help others manage their money; it was aimed at changing the way people view money and their spending habits – one of the most interesting part of the training was swapping named brand food items for cheaper alternatives.

lol I bet as hubby is reading this blog he is thinking of the sitcom ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ as the dad is known as a cheap ass!!!

But this post isn’t about being cheap it’s just about shopping smarter! I was really surprised on this training as during the two days we were offered what we thought were named brand cookies from Maryland (which some fellow colleagues said were their fave cookies), and a popular kids drink Ribena – we happily dipped our biscuits in tea and sipped the juice whilst training…. Until the last hour of the training.

The trainer asked us what we would say if he told us the cookies and juice we had were actually cheaper alternatives and not the named brands we thought they were. Honestly we all reacted so differently, some were disgusted lol, some were shocked and others were impressed. What the trainer was aiming to teach us was that it’s not always down to brand and we often assume cheaper alternatives means cheaper quality but none of us could tell the cookies or juice were different.

I would strongly urge people to do a blind taste test on their family and see what the outcome is (blind tasting will eliminate any pre misconceptions they will have that might influence their answer). In a climate where so many people struggle financially and the number of people in debt now a days is so high – I really think we could all benefit from some kind of smarter shopping. All you have to do is check the ingredients of the alternatives to make sure they are good quality and healthy – and there you have it an extra bit of money each week.

We all know how every little bit helps!

If anyone is interested in the training we did click here for more info – not sure if they’re still running training but they have contact details if you need any help!


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