Naturopathic health care and how to beat those nasty winter bugs!


As winter is in full swing in Dubai I thought I would write up a post about how we keep ourselves topped up and in generally good health. Winter is the season for nasty colds and viruses that disable you for days, so we’ve found a few home remedies that support immune systems and help us battle those winter bugs.

Rewind to the days before Dubai – I was aware of naturopathic health care but due to a crazy working schedule I barely had time to eat good let alone have the time to make natural concoctions to build my immunity up! This is where I went wrong….I suffered almost every single virus or bug going and was often on antibiotics a few times a year!!! Scary right?!


Fast forward to today and I am thankful to say I haven’t had antibiotics since June 2016!!! For me this is a HUGE step forward. I have one person to thank for this -Dr. Nour Abu-Lughod. Nour took the time to go over my lifestyle, my health, my sicknesses, stillbirth, and medication that I have taken, and then she helped me plan a healthier lifestyle – including natural home remedies to combat things such as common colds and preventative remedies to support immunity.


What we do on a daily basis to keep ourselves virus free –

  • Apple Cider Vinegar, turmeric, cinnamon and honey in warm water daily – this is our holy grail!
  • Teaspoon of Black Seed Oil daily
  • Turmeric milk drink occasionally before sleeping
  • Incorporate a range of meat, fish and veg into weekly meal plans
  • Have a portion of fruit salad a day
  • Reduce the amount of takeaway we have – so difficult in Dubai lol!

Honestly these small changes have made such a huge impact on our lives. One thing we still need to work on is getting a good amount of sleep and incorporating gym into our routine! Once we do that we hope to be in the best health possible with the least amount of down days ever!


Guys remember health is wealth and I feel like we invest so much time in our work or family/friends but not enough time on ourselves.

P.s – for anyone who would like to speak to Nour about naturopathic therapies please check out her page here  – can’t recommend her enough – also strong reminder that you should always see a naturopath before incorporating things into your daily routine as they will advise you on whats best for YOUR personal lifestyle!

(Doing this post has reminded me I need to go back to see Nour lol!)


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