Tea, sandwiches and sweet goodies… Enough to make you smile right?


So if you guys aren’t aware – I LOVE AFTERNOON TEAS!!! I love the whole regal feeling to meeting up with a girlfriend for one of Dubai’s amazing Afternoon Teas.

Now if you haven’t done so already please read the blog about my experience of Afternoon Tea at Al Qasr hotel before reading this one – click here! It’ll help you compare both experiences.

Okay so now you’re back let me get into the details of the Afternoon Tea offered in Conrad hotel Dubai. I went along with my friend, brother, sister in law and nephew – so I’ll share all of their views too!

Vanilla Bourbon Tea!

As we arrived no one greeted us so we interrupted an obviously important conversation (!) between two members of staff to ask where we would need to go for Afternoon Tea – not a good start. He pointed to the lobby area and as we walked we managed to see a large table with the reserved sign on it and comfy sofas so we naturally assumed this was for us. Luckily we were greeted quickly by a smiling host who informed us this was infact our table – ok so this is getting better right?

We sat down got comfy and then we were handed the tea menus with the most exotic tea selection you can think of! It was so hard to choose but I ended up settling for the Vanilla Bourbon tea, my brother tried the Earle Grey Chocolate tea, my sis in law got a Rose Zephyr tea and my friend had a traditional English Breakfast Tea. The tea was amazing, honestly the taste of vanilla was so subtle but just enough to enjoy it and the smell was yum! So at this point I’m thinking okay this could be a good Afternoon Tea….Boy was I wrong.

So disappointing!

The selection of sandwiches was disappointing – we had tomato, pesto and cheese x2, duck confit and egg mayo. THAT’S IT! To add to that we had only requested that two come without fish – but all four came without fish. Then the sweets came – we only received two sweet trays, plus scones with cream and jam(the sandwiches came out served individually for each of us) so we had to cut and share the treats ourselves. We also then noticed that both trays weren’t the same so two of us didn’t have what the other two had. It was just so random and strange.

Added to all of the fun stuff, there was an abundance of flies all over our treats. At one point we had to send one tray back as two flies made themselves a home in our cream for our scones lol. To be fair the waitress did say she will file a complaint on our behalf about the flies, but you know we won’t be returning to ever see if anything gets done and by this point we were all quite disappointed so we weren’t that bothered.

The Red Velvet cake was served upside down hence the untidy top!

The best thing about this all was that we used Groupon vouchers so instead of paying 70ish dirhams (£16) we paid 49 dirhams (£10) per person. Oh and to make it worse this is what you are told you will get according to the Groupon voucher –

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 10.50.10.png

We didn’t get any Jasmine tea sorbet, cucumber, dill cream cheese, smoked salmon crepe roulade, crab salad endive, strawberries with chantilly cream or exotic fruit tarte with custard. So quite a lot was missing!

One tray had Tiramisu, one tray had two chocolates lol

I honestly wouldn’t recommend this afternoon tea and I’m not usually one to slate an experience so bad but I know there are much better places to have afternoon tea – Al Qasr is hands down the best Afternoon Tea I’ve had so far, closely followed by Fairmont on The Palm (I’ll do a review for that one soon!).

Let me know if there are any places around the UAE you can recommend we try out!


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