Internet is giving people a false sense of security and confidence!


I don’t know about you guys but we love the American reality show “Catfish” – a show that helps people find out if their loved one is real or pretending to be someone else (aka a catfish).

If anyone has watched this show they will learn that 99% of the people who are caught lying always have a reason for taking on a different persona – usually because they have a problematic life or really really low self esteem and instead of addressing the problems they pick someone who’s life on social media seems AMAZING – a pretty girl/hot guy or someone who is doing well professionally like a model. But you can’t live through someone else’s life can you – you have to have others involved to make this new persona seem real right? So this is where catfishing comes into play – the catfish will befriend someone online and soon become that person’s one true love or best friend etc but will never actually physically meet up with them (until Nev and Max from the show Catfish catch them out lol).

Nev and Max – the hosts of Catfish The TV show

I mean simply put if it wasn’t for social media or the internet, “catfish” would never happen would it? I mean there would be no pretending to be a someone else in person and you can’t fake your life to those who are so close to you. So how come people are so confident to be someone else online? I mean even people who are known as “keyboard warriors” (they start online fights through typing insults etc) but are not the type of person to pick a fight in person – so without the opportunity for online beef, it wouldn’t happen! So why does being behind a computer give people such confidence and sense of security?


My answer to this would be that life is becoming more anti social in person and more technology friendly. One of the first things we do when we meet up our friends in a coffee shop is to ask for the wifi password right? Or we order food and instead of savouring the moment with our company, we want to take photos to upload them onto Snapchat – don’t worry I’m guilty on both counts! But is this lifestyle encouraging people to tune out in person and tune in online? I definitely think this is something for hubby and I to think about as we do spend a lot of time online and sometimes we don’t even realise how much time we spend in silence on our phones! Embarrassing!


I guess I just find it heartbreaking that there are people out there who are so sad and lonely, lacking self esteem that they feel they have to pretend to be someone else and live this double life. It is SO easy to steal someone’s photos, make up a name, fake social media profiles and create a whole life around this lie, whilst sitting alone in your room hating your real self! – I remember one episode where this person even created fake profile accounts of family members of the original person they pretended to be – CRAZY!

I think instead of being against social media and anti internet in fear of people being fake – we should aim to build each other up and help others through difficult times so that no one feels the need to pretend to live a different life! Social media and the internet are great tools in reaching out to people that are far, sharing amazing milestones that happen in life and so much more – however instead of purely focusing on the content we put out, maybe we can spend some time actually conversing with people in real life – find out how that person, who rushes past you in the hallway, is doing or whether the neighbour you barely speak to wants to come over for a coffee. These small steps can tackle so much and could potentially protect someone from falling for a “catfish” or help a “catfish” build a more positive life. P.S – don’t start looking at your neighbours as though they’re catfishing someone LOL!

I think it’s just right to end with this photo!



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