Romance at the Zoo – we’re all kids at heart!


As part of our weekly date plan we decided this week we would go to the Zoo – now a lot of people might think “You’re in Dubai, there are a million romantic date places and you chose the Zoo?!” and for some this might be a random idea but for us we love doing different things. Some days are made for romantic sunset evenings and some are made for getting in touch with our inner child!

Hubby and I have both loved animals and wildlife since we were young, and although we had totally different experiences having grown up in different countries, ultimately we both still enjoyed being outdoors and soaking in what nature has to offer. So we decided to go back in time and be a mini Ayaan and mini Safiyya exploring nature! lol!

UAE is quite a difficult place to find a lot of nature in the sense of what people from the UK would be accustomed to – for example, nature walks through the forest etc. However, I have to praise the UAE for making such a big effort in creating areas with a lot of greenery and somewhat natural environments. Bare in mind people we are in a desert!


So on to the zoo – we chose Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi – purely for the fact a friend recommended it and it was only a 40 minute drive, so was perfect! We arrived around 3pm on Friday afternoon and it was a little busy but easy to manoeuvre through the zoo, however we left around 5pm and it was PACKED OUT! We struggled to walk past the queues that had built up at the entrance, so we’d definitely recommend getting there early on the weekends.


There were quite a lot of animals surprisingly – I think we both assumed it wouldn’t be as fun, purely because we’re in a desert but there were wildlife animals as well as farm animals which was a bonus! We managed to see a Bear, Zebra, Giraffes, Monkeys, Donkeys, Camels, Ox, Sheep, Flamingo, Tiger, different reptiles, Goats and Crocodiles (I’m sure I’ve missed some out but oh yeah horses and more). Some entry tickets included feed for the animals – see below for more details.

For ticket costs, we went for the basic 30 dirham entry fee per person – which is just under £7 – compared to London Zoo which is just over 90 dirhams at £20.45! However there are extras you can add at Emirates Park Zoo:


We honestly had a lovely time at the zoo and it was just a perfect UAE winter date! Oh and just to say there are also little cafes and food stalls dotted around the zoo if you need any drinks or snacks! Something to note that they only take cash at the cafe’s but there is an ATM machine at the entrance so make sure you have some cash handy (they accept card for entry, it’s just in the actual zoo where they only take cash).

We would highly recommend this zoo and also for our British Expats there are quite a few fellow Brits working at the zoo so be sure to say hi to them – especially Harry in the Reptile section!

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 11.59.51.png

As the zoo is a short trip and we had travelled to Abu Dhabi we decided we would go to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to pray and watch the sunset – we love a good sunset if you haven’t noticed already!!!!! If you would like to know more about the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque click here for our blog post!


All in all it was a perfect date and I’m excited to share with you guys where we go next!!!! Feel free to share your date ideas with us in the comments… Oh and be sure to check out our vlog below about our day trip to Abu Dhabi!

For booking and more information on the Emirates Park Zoo – click here.


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