Winter – the best time of year for a trip to a Dubai beach!

So as we previously mentioned guys we LOVE Al Mamzar Beach. It has to be one of our faves as it is away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s other beaches and there is a nice mixture of greenery and beach area, as well as a lot of things to do – to find out more about what we think are Dubai’s top three beaches click here.


What more could someone want than to be able to take an impromptu trip to the beach during the Winter season?!

Expats in the UAE are spoilt in this sense – I mean in the UK we were lucky enough to get a couple of weeks of sunshine where the whole of the UK would make that trip to the “beach”. Here in Dubai not only do we have a choice of a few really great beaches, but we also get to go all year round. Funnily enough we try avoid the beach during the summer months as it can be suffocating but from October – June, we tend to make regular beach trips!

We decided to go along to Al Mamzar Beach which is just past Deira – so is quite a way from the popular expat areas but is definitely worth the visit. It took us 45 minutes to drive down what was a pretty straight forward route (anyone who drives in Dubai will know how big of a deal that statement is lol!).

Al Mamzar Beach is open to the public, however you have to pay 5 dirhams per person upon entry – which works out to around £1. Although this is really cheap it explains why this is one of the more quieter beaches as the other beaches are free and it’s understandable that larger parties wouldn’t want to pay to enter. Having said that we would pay that money time and  time again to go to Al Mamzar Beach as it is our fave beach in Dubai.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 13.28.49.png

At Al Mamzar Beach you are able to hire bikes, EZ taxi which is a cable car that can drop you to specific park of the beach, you can use the dedicated grills for your family BBQ’s (first come first served basis), have a picnic on the grass area, relax on the beach chairs (you have to pay to use) or take a walk along the large pebbly wave breaker into the sea. On the beach they have also included a mini park area, as well as a cafe directly on the beach and a restaurant near the main entrance.

So all in all this place has everything you could possibly need. There are lifeguards in several places and throughout our visits to Al Mamzar we’ve noticed how attentive they are, especially when they can see someone is drifting too far out. Unfortunately they couldn’t do much when my husband lost his wedding ring in the sea…but that’s a whole other blog lol!

Al Mamzar Beach is definitely family friendly and perfect for couples too. If this blog wasn’t enough to convince you watch our vlog!


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