Positive vibes create positive lives.


We absolutely love this quote!

Having moved from our hectic stressful life in London to a busy life in Dubai we found that although our life has changed from what it was previously….We’re now faced with a different set of struggles and it’s during those difficult times that it is the hardest to remain positive.

Since being in Dubai we have learnt that people aren’t always who they seem to be, we realised that there are very few people who actually want to see you do well in life and lastly even if you move countries, you can’t change your situation unless you change your mindset.

It’s the last one we like to focus on. We strongly believe that a change in mindset can do a lot to your life. When things go wrong it’s really easy to sit wallowing in self pity and feel like the world is against you…But if you’re one of those that do this you’ll realise you only feel worse and it’s hard to get out of that slump. However, if you’re faced with any adversity, ask yourself these questions –

  • Can you do anything to change what has happened? – If yes then just focus on your next steps. If no then is there any point in stressing over it as there’s nothing you can do to change it other than focus on something good.
  • Can you prevent it from happening again? If yes then that alone is a great thing as you’ve learnt something from this experience. If no then take what you can from this experience and learn techniques in coping so that if you find yourself in this position again you are able to deal with it quicker and move on with your life.
  • Do you want to be a more positive person? If yes then change your mindset – do NOT let any negative thoughts consume you and make a conscious effort to think positive. If no then good luck enjoying a good life as being a negative person is just draining on yourself and others!

When you go through these questions on a daily basis you will find it much easier to be at peace with your situation and you carry on living because that’s exactly what happen – Life goes on!

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 12.48.30.png

Now for all those people out there who will tell me ‘it isn’t that easy to think like that’…I’m not saying it is! Life is a journey and there will always be ups and downs but if you want to make changes start making them now. Over a period of time you will look back and see how much you’ve grown as a person and you will see how much positivity you’re showering on others too!

Things that we’ve done to start making our lives more positive –

Keep negative people at a distance from us

Do not wallow on any negative situation that we find ourselves in

Focus on our blessings and pray pray pray!

Always remember each day has an ending and you have the power to control how you tackle the next day!



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