Keeping the spark alive with a beautiful date night on the Palm in Dubai.

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Having been married for almost three years, hubby and I were going through some photos of us when we first got married and noticed how “loved up” the photos were compared to recent ones. The ironic thing is as time goes on you love your spouse more however we noticed that as life got in the way, the number of photos we took of us doing things together dramatically decreased!

There were a lot of photos shared of what groceries to buy – did I want the plain flour or self raising flour, milk or bread? lol – but hardly any of us just enjoying time together. Some of the things we noticed is that three years ago we were itching to get married and could only dream of being together every single day – however now we’ve almost started taking each other for granted and begin to think “we don’t need to do anything together today, we always have tomorrow”…. But sometimes tomorrow never comes and without being morbid or depressing, I remember reading an article about a young girl going from a bride to widow within months whilst she was expecting their first baby – no woman would plan to be a widow before she became a mother!

Life is too short and so we decided we were going to make a conscious effort to have date night once a week doing something romantic for eachother. On top of that we have started to spend more fun time together through our vlogs and blogs of Dubai life – this way we get the best of both worlds because aside from being a married couple we really are good friends and it’s easy to forget this when you’re married. This quality time together has helped us to open up our channels of communication – telling each other what’s happening in life and whether there’s anything we feel needs doing in order to make our marriage a good one. This really does strengthen the love as you have more respect for each other’s opinions and instead of things being blurted out randomly in arguments, you’re able to nip issues in the bud quicker and make some quick changes to keep a happy marriage!


I just want to point out that you shouldn’t save all your affection or love for that one date night – date night is just to give you both that chance to reflect on your relationship and a forum to discuss things at a time where you’re both relaxed and 100% there emotionally. Day to day displays of affection are good – I always tell hubby small gestures are good, like a small bunch of flowers given randomly, cooking your hubby’s favourite meal without telling him, making an effort to look good for one another and something I feel is a MUST in any marriage – compliments. Giving a compliment can do wonders to someone’s self esteem which in turn will make them want to do more to make you happy, then the more they do the more you’re happy and so on!


Following on from this decision to incorporate weekly date nights, hubby chose the perfect thing to do for our first date night – a romantic stroll along the boardwalk on the Palm Jumeirah watching the sun set and then coming home for a movie in bed. As simple as it sounds, it was so beautiful to stand in silence watching the waves crashing on the rocks and the sun setting. Honestly, after the madness of the last few weeks, this was the most perfect setting!

We really believe we’re fortunate to be in Dubai as there are SO many romantic things to do or places to be, however I know that wherever you are in the world there is always something you can do to have a special date night – the main thing is appreciating your spouse and all the rest is just white noise. We will be sharing our date night blogs/vlogs with you guys to give you an idea of what we get up to, and we’ll be talking about different marriage related issues that tend to come up and how to overcome them!

Go tell your spouse you’re planning your date night!

Check out our date night vlog here!



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