Transition of a working woman in the UK to a housewife in Dubai!

There are a lot of women who move away from professional jobs and choose to become housewives/stay at home mums for a number of reasons – having kids, ill health, job redundancy or moving abroad.

As most fellow UK expats will be aware there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding jobs in the UK due to cuts in funding, in particular within the Early Years education sector – as a direct result of this the establishment I worked for had to undergo a staffing restructure in Nov/Dec 2015! This was possibly one of the worst tasks I ever had to do as a manager and it was at this point that hubby and I decided I should take redundancy. We both were sick of the robotic life we were living and this pushed us to start the move to Dubai.

Hubby moved in Dec 2015 and by the time I arrived in Feb 2016 he had already started working. As we were living in a hotel apartment it was my job to look for apartments, book viewings and as my previous employer hadn’t found a replacement yet I was still doing a bit of work for them. It didn’t feel like I had left work at all – I was just on a relaxed break working from Dubai lol! It wasn’t until we moved into our apartment in June 2016 that I finally had nothing to do – no apartment hunting, no work for my old employer…Nothing.

It was so weird – going from someone who was working a full time demanding job to someone who did nothing but wash clothes, clean the apartment and cook :/ I went through a period of uncertainty – what did I want to do? Did I want to get back into a management role with a lot of stress? Did I want to apply for a less stressful job but would mean I would be going backwards careerwise? Did I want to be a full time housewife and support my husband in progressing in his career so I can focus on myself?

All of these options seemed appealing to me depending on what mood I was in! Part of me felt like I worked so hard to get my degree and work my way up to management that I couldn’t let myself down by applying for just any random job. Other days I felt like being a housewife didn’t necessarily mean I have gone backwards as it would allow me to build a perfect home for my husband and future kids – I mean I had already worked up to management what more did I want to achieve in my career?

I decided to sit down and figure out the pros and cons of being a housewife compared to a working woman. To sum it up I realised that being a housewife meant I could finally do whatever I wanted to do – I mean I could start up my own business, I can focus on blogging, I can live my life exactly how I want to! Working for a company meant I was going back to the robotic life I had in the UK – waking up, lining someone else’s pockets and not being able to enjoy married life, which meant there was no point in us moving to Dubai.

We came to Dubai to live a better, healthier lifestyle – not to delve back into the life of stress. We are so blessed to have the life we have and whatever struggles we may face, we know that we are fortunate to have our health, lucky to have each other and of course grateful to live in such a beautiful place like Dubai!

P.S – Next time you meet someone who doesn’t have a 9-5 job, don’t assume they’re doing nothing with their life….They might be planning their own bright future!



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  1. ispyprettyplaces

    I’ve recently been thinking about this exact thought as this this the first time I’ve had this much time off with no upcoming end date. I am enjoying it but also feeling guilty about not being more productive or working. I am applying for jobs and I know one day in the near future this free time will come to an end but it is initially a strange feeling. Your post paints this time off in such a positive light, it makes me want that for myself! It sounds so beautifully relaxed and indulgent, yet purposeful. Thanks for sharing your perspective on the transition.

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    • thexpatUAE

      It does take a little while to get used to it but you know the thought of going back to work means you can do so much with your time now! Spoil yourself hun and enjoy every day so that when you are working again you feel renewed 💖


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