Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Now that we’ve started taking our blogging and vlogging seriously, as well as entering a new Gregorian year – we decided to sit down and take some time to structure our life. See one thing about living in Dubai is that you can easily get carried away going out and about and living without a purpose. Especially as Dubai is such a tourist spot that you end up entertaining family and friends every month!

Recently we had family visiting and for two weeks my house work was neglected and we rushed around to try and edit vlogs for YouTube every second we had spare – to be honest this wasn’t enjoyable for us – a nagging wife and a stressy husband is never a good look!

So after a little pep talk to each other we realised that we were struggling to juggle everything because we had no plan – we were just going with the flow in all aspects of our lives which meant we were rushing a lot of the time – whether it’s to finish a video/blog or going out to meet friends and family.

We have now implemented weekly meetings – we are going to spend some time every weekend to go over our plan for the week – this includes the vlogs we want to record/put up on YouTube, the blogs we want to write up and personal goals like going to the gym and healthy eating.


If we’re honest just having everything written down on the white board made everything much clearer – we knew what footage we needed to record, we realised how many blogs we still haven’t written up and we finally got to include date night (which we used to do religiously in the UK!)

So how do you guys stay on track in life? Are you a planner or a free spirit? Or are you a mixture of the two? Share your techniques on managing your life below!


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