New Years Eve at Burj Khalifa Dubai

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 11.14.28.png

Happy New Year!

So as we came to the end of 2016, hubby and I decided we need to stop talking and be proactive by focusing on documenting our life in Dubai – so 2017 will hopefully be a year of blogging, vlogging and lots of interaction with people who are moving to Dubai or just wanting to know more about life here.

We saw in the New Year at Downtown Dubai in Shakespeare and Co right opposite the Burj Khalifa. We ended up paying 350 dirhams per person for a table for New Years Eve, which isn’t bad considering it works out to be £80 for unlimited food and soft drinks.

I have to say, as a Muslim it was quite an experience attending a New Years Eve celebration as we’ve usually stayed away due to people getting drunk and acting up! So to go out to watch the fireworks, with everyone around you still sober lol was quite a nice experience. There really was a friendly, relaxed atmosphere all evening!

Being here for a year we feel like we have had the best experience ever and we are learning to grow in a way that we never have done before. It almost felt like moving to Dubai meant we were starting our lives all over again – strange right? But honestly when you move it’s like you’re the new kid in the playground at school having to make new friends and fit in! Thankfully I can say we feel fully settled into our life in Dubai and we are so excited to see what 2017 brings us!

Check out our vlog here –


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