How we celebrated UAE National Day!


Happy UAE National Day from theXpats!

We have had an amazing weekend – as it was National Day on Friday (which is the weekend) we had a three day weekend with a public holiday on Thursday.

As much as Dubai has to offer on a normal weekend, you can only imagine on National Day weekend there was A LOT more going on! There was so much happening that we even joked about wishing we could clone ourselves and attend every event going!

National Day marks the unification of the seven emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Qaiwain, Sharjah, Ajmah, Fujairah). It’s also a day where people are thankful to their leaders for all the hard work that has been put into the UAE to make it the amazing place it is today.

We decided to start our weekend by going down to City Walk to have some lunch and going to see the Lamborghini show – 45 Lamborghini’s in a range of colours put out on show (45 cars to represent the 45 years of unity). It was amazing to see how beautiful the cars looked but also how each one had it’s owner’s personality e.g. customised colours, different style alloys and personalised number plates and interiors. It was definitely a car lover’s heaven!


For those that weren’t mad about cars – there were several groups of traditional Emirati dancers plotted around City Walk – this included drummers, dancers and entertainers of all ages. It was definitely a good place to start our National Day weekend!

We ended the night at the Al Qasr hotel (click here for our Afternoon Tea blog). This hotel has amazing views of Burj Al Arab and you are able to take a free Abra ride along Madinat Jumeirah canal – which we did of course!

Friday we planned our day around the fireworks show scheduled on The Beach in JBR at 8.30pm. We know that fireworks show always gets the crowds in and in order to beat the crowds and the crazy traffic we decided to spend the day at JBR – we started off with brunch in iHop (this place needs a separate blog!!), followed by a walk along the beach soaking up the atmosphere and finished up the night at La Prostreria. We were lucky enough to grab a table that will allow us to have a decent view of the fireworks. If there are any firework shows on The Beach we highly recommend booking a table at La Prostreria for the most amazing views as you are on the top floor terrace looking over the beach and sea!

The firework show was AMAZING! We’re suckers for fireworks and we were not disappointed!

To top our night off we were so surprised to meet Chris Eubank Jr – lovely guy and was kind enough to stop for a quick chat and snap with the husband!

Chris Eubank Jr

Something we noticed over our weekend is how happy everyone was – I mean people here are generally happy, welcoming and warm but this weekend it felt so much more comforting. Everyone had a laugh and joke with everyone – there were people spraying cars and others with silly string and no one got angry it was just good light hearted fun. Staff in every single place we went to over the weekend were so accommodating. Definitely was a good vibe.

There are so many good things about Dubai and one of the best bits is the unity. You will meet people from all walks of life here and no one will question you in a negative way – people are just genuinely interested to know where you’re from and your story for being in Dubai. You can meet someone once but they can quickly become one of your closest friends…Something we have experienced on several occasions.

Usual fountain replaced with the colours of the UAE flag in Al Qasr Hotel.

So we totally get why people are so into National Day here because you really are celebrating unity of all people who contribute to Dubai and those leaders who made this unity possible.



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