Burj Khalifa – At The Top!

Burj Khalifa – This iconic building is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Dubai. It holds a number of world records, for example, tallest building in the world, highest occupied floor in the world and tallest elevator service in the world – Read all about it here. Lol so as you can see this is definitely one of those places every tourist and expat would love to experience!

Souvenir we made using a press machine for 1 dirham (20p)

Just to give you a little insight – there are several experiences you can choose which are differentiated by the levels (and price of course lol) –

– Level 124 – At The Top experience – This is the most common experience for tourists. You go up in a lift which is travelling at 10meters per second – now this might sound real fast and scary for those that are scared of heights/traveling fast but we can assure you it isn’t as scary as it sounds. It almost feels like you’re in a normal elevator which was a little disappointing. However, once the doors open you are faced with amazing 360 degree views. There is a large observation deck which looks over acres and acres of Dubai – both developed and desert lands! There is also an indoor area that extends your views further where you can use telescopes that outdo most telescopes – for example you can zoom in HD with a multi touch screen. The views are absolutely breathtaking and the photos, specially selfies, that you can take on the observational deck come out amazing!!!! Being a tourist attraction there is of course a gift shop which subtly leads you to another elevator and is your route back down to normality! This is the cheapest experience available.

– Level 125 – Just one floor above the previous experience with it’s own observatory deck, you get a little more for your money – you get to experience some fun trivia about the Burj Khalifa, there are plenty photo creating opportunities using green screen and special effects and what is known as the Falcon Eye View experience which allows you to view Dubai city in a whole different way!

– Level 148 – aka At The Top Sky experience – Now we are yet to experience this so we can only document what we know is offered but once we experience this we will write a more personal blog about this. However, this level is a whopping 555 meters high including observation deck, lounge, interactive life size experiences. People who choose the Sky experience have a special dedicated lift just for them and personal escorts, making it all the more luxurious and special.


All in all we feel Burj Khalifa At The Top is definitely something everyone has to experience at least once – but once is more than enough. It’s not an experience we feel is worth the money again. When on the observatory deck the views are amazing but there are a number of places in Dubai which offer picturesque views so once you’ve done the Burj Khalifa experience you have much more to explore in the city.

The fact that Burj Khalifa beats world records built up a lot of excitement and for adrenaline junkies like us, we did feel slightly let down as it didn’t feel as high up as we anticipated. That being said the views were amazing and we did get some amazing shots…Oh and we made our own souvenir for 1 dirham (20p).


Here is the price list if booking directly:

Non-prime hours 08h30 – 15h00 and
18h30 until closing
18h00 until closing
Adult (12 years +) General Admission AED 125 AED 350
Child (4-12 years) General Admission AED 95 AED 350
Prime hours* 15h30 – 18h00 Opening until 17h00
Adult (12 years +) General Admission AED 200 AED 500
Child (4-12 years) General Admission AED 160 AED 500
Adult (12 years +) Immediate Entry Admission AED 300 N/A
Child (4-12 years) Immediate Entry Admission AED 300 N/A
Infant (below 4 years) Immediate Entry Admission FREE FREE
Infant (below 4 years) Immediate Entry Admission FREE FREE

*Prime hours are subject to change.

Every Friday and Saturday, enjoy sunrise visits from 05h30 AM.

Last entry 45 minutes prior to close.

HOWEVER….We suggest keeping an eye out on Groupon.ae as they are always offering discount vouchers for Burj Khalifa experiences so be sure to check them out. We got our tickets on a Friday morning for the same day and it really worked out cheaper for us as we had family over.

If you want to know more about Burj Khalifa before exploring At The Top click here.




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