Blogging or Vlogging? Or both?!


So as you guys are aware there are two of us behind theXpats blog. Well with any couple there are things each of us are better in than the other – for example wifey is better at the blogging side – writing up blogs and sharing our experiences, whereas hubby is more creative with his amazing photography and video editing skills.

Now this is where it gets interesting – we’ve been discussing how we can make this blog more of a joint venture; how we can incorporate hubby’s skills into this site and expand on sharing our UAE adventures in different ways to reach different groups of people.

We started off by looking into ways that we initially learnt about Dubai before moving and we both agreed YouTube, Snapchat and of course blogs, all really helped us in finding the information we needed. Not only did we agree this helped us, we also believe we can both use our skills to help so many more learn about Dubai and the Middle East.

We feel in order to get information across in this day and age you really need to be multifaceted. As a blogger you are reaching people from all walks of life and not everyone benefits from a written blog, some like hubby respond better to visuals and as much as photographs hold a million stories – there are so many more ways to communicate to people around the world, such as videos – this blog is our foundation and to add another dimension to theXpats we want to film videos as a way to further document our life in Dubai. It will also give you guys a more personal insight into our life in Dubai.

We’re hoping we continue to reach more people through our blog and soon our vlogs so that we can create more awareness about life in the Middle East. We believe people need to be educated on the world out there in order to explore and not only what they read or believe from the mainstream media. It only takes a few brave people who will document their lives to push others to do the same. We have family members and friends who are scared to get out of their comfort zones so we hope that with a YouTube channel people are encouraged to push their boundaries and travel the world that is waiting to be explored!

It may be a week or so before we start uploading the videos (hubby needs some time out from his day job to focus lol) but we are so excited to start sharing videos with you all!! We’ll share our YouTube links on a dedicated VLOG page so we will keep you posted!

Who knows where technology may take us next!


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