It’s a beach life!


So as some of you may have notice beach life in Dubai is HUGE! It just seems fitting after a week at work to unwind at the beach. There is something so relaxing about listening to the crashing of the waves and soaking up the sun.

We thought we’d give a little run down of the Dubai beaches we have been to (facilities etc) and our top beach so far.

3. Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) – JBR is a great beach – it has everything one could want on a beach; great clean washing facilities, entertainment, a range of beach sports and water sports, camel rides, kids water play area, beach chairs, lifeguards and A LOT of amazing restaurants (including Cheesecake Factory, Real Madrid Cafe and much more). Now as much as that all sounds amazing – it is because of all of this that it is the most popular beach in Dubai! The only thing is it’s difficult to enjoy the place and we found that the service in restaurants in JBR can sometimes be a little disappointing as they focus more on how many people they can serve rather than the quality of service. But a beach is a beach and if you can find a decent spot to relax you can enjoy it somewhat – I would definitely say for a little night out JBR is a great place. Oh and without sounding too negative if you are going to JBR bare in mind how much traffic you will encounter – especially from Thursday night til Sunday. You can easily spend an hour finding parking or getting to any of the designated parking areas. To combat this a lot of tourists prefer to book into one of the hotels on The Walk which is adjacent to JBR strip – living an expat life this isn’t worth it so you just learn to enjoy the traffic LOL!

2. Kite Beach – Now this is a beach where you can spend a lot of time. It is calm relaxing and not as busy as JBR. They have food trucks here, namely SALT (which we are IN LOVE with!). The washing facilities aren’t as good or clean as JBR but they will do for a beach day. You have lovely views and the beach is amazing. There isn’t much else at Kite Beach but for those of you who want a relaxing day without the hype of millions of people, then this is a good place to go! There is also a dedicated runners track which is easy to use as it isn’t as packed out as JBR.

1. Al Mamzar Beach – WE LOVE THIS ONE! This beach is a little further away from the other beaches and is close to Sharjah but we love it. This is also the only beach that charges an entrance fee (5 dirhams per person or if you want to drive in 40 dirhams per car). It is totally worth the entry fee! We parked just outside the main entrance and paid the 5 dirhams (around £1). Once inside you have access to cafes, toilets, prayer areas, washing facilities, zip line, little go kart type vehicles, a taxi (lol), BBQ areas, a grassy area for picnics, the beach has a cafe, umbrellas, beach chairs, lifeguards and kids play areas. We found that as there is an entry fee you get a lot of families/couples who just want a relaxing swim and rest on the beach – it is much calmer than JBR but definitely busier than Kite Beach. We would name this our perfect Dubai beach so far! Oh and ladies they have a dedicated couple of days for women and children only (Mondays and Wednesdays).

It’s safe to say Al Mamzar has our number one spot so far!

Lovers sand stamp! lol!

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