‘Do you miss home?’ – asks everyone!

As we approach our one year mark in December we’ve been reflecting on our life in the UAE, especially the differences in our quality of life in the UK and now in Dubai.


One thing we noticed is the amount of times we get asked whether we miss home – and in all honesty our answer always is ‘No but we miss family and friends.’ I feel like people who decide to make the change from their birth country to another country are always seeking a better lifestyle or self development, so there’s already something missing in life that we are on the search for. For this reason it is really difficult to keep looking back or missing where you came from – if your life was so amazing before there would be no reason to move abroad!


So let us give you a run down of how our life was previously in the UK –

  • We both worked stressful jobs and often went days without having dinner together – late shifts at work and often working 6 days a week.
  • Whatever we were earning we were putting back into rent, bills etc – we rarely had days/nights out.
  • We had very little down time together as work overtook our lives.
  • Our baby boy is buried in Dubai so living in the UK meant we could never visit his grave.
  • Miserable weather stopped us from enjoying the outdoors even if we did have a rare day off together.
  • We tried to spend as much time with our families as possible.
  • We tried to spend time with friends whenever we could – this was hard as we didn’t get time together let alone risking our time to spend with friends.
  • There are set rules and regulations that we found easy to follow and understand.
  • We had no visa issues as we are British Citizens.
  • With recent incidents around London we didn’t feel safe walking around at night or alone.

So far our live in Dubai has been –

  • Only one of us is working, with decent hours and a full weekend off – plus tax free salary makes a huge difference for us so we can afford to do more in our free time.
  • We spend a lot of time together daily, having dinner together every day.
  • We make plans every weekend to do something different and explore the UAE.
  • We can visit our baby boy’s grave as much as we want to.
  • The weather is so amazing that it brings out the best in both of us and we get to do a lot more as Dubai offers so many activities to do whether it’s Summer or Winter.
  • We still spend a considerable amount of time with family as they come to visit us regularly (in the last year we’ve seen family and friends more or less every single month).
  • We’ve made a lot of lovely new friends who have become family.
  • The rules and regulations are hard to learn as it is a whole different country, run in a different way to the UK.
  • We have struggled sorting out our visa but once it was done it was a great relief.
  • We feel much safer in Dubai with our belongings and our own personal safety.

As you can see the benefits of living in Dubai for us are much greater than our life we had in the UK. So when people ask us if we miss home I feel like there’s so much the UK has given us but the life we live now is much healthier. We both have a clearer mind set, we have goals, we have dreams and slowly we’re seeing them all come true.

We are both so big on family life and we believe at this point in time living in Dubai is the perfect place for us to build that future.

For anyone considering moving abroad – we would say take the jump –

How can you know what you are capable of if you don’t take risks?

P.S – We really miss my cat that we had in the UK who is with family. It’s crazy how much our feline friends can make us miss them like crazy! I even Skype him…yes that is how crazy it is!

He sat on the suitcase and my mum wrote a little note from him! How cute!

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