What is life without adventures?


This weekend we decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Dubai and set out on a road trip to Fujairah.

Fujairah is another one of the seven emirates that makes up the United Arab Emirates. It isn’t as developed or busy as Dubai but is definitely a tourist destination for people who want a relaxing break as it is famous for it’s beaches that are set off the Indian Ocean on one side, with a backdrop of Hajar mountains on the other!

Although there is a lot more to Fujairah we didn’t explore – we were happy to spend the day at the beach as we had to get back to Dubai for 4.30pm (the men refused to miss the Man U vs Arsenal game lol).

We set off around 9am and we were all amazed by the scenery throughout the whole journey. It was crazy! One minute we were in Dubai surrounded by skyscrapers, then we went through desert roads with camels roaming freely which suddenly turned into roads that had been built in between huge mountains! We were in awe of our surroundings. It was an amazing journey. The views made the 1 and half hour journey to Fujairah seem so short! – I’d like to point out that it’s best that an experienced or confident driver tackles this road trip as we found that even with following Google Maps, there were some roads that weren’t fully developed yet or some that went from two lanes suddenly to two opposing lanes etc so can get dangerous. There were a number of times we flinched thinking someone would crash as some drivers can get impatient and try overtake slow driving lorries by travelling in the opposing lane, which isn’t bright with steady flows of oncoming traffic!

What an amazing view – beach chalets, palm trees and a backdrop of mountains!

So as I said the journey from Dubai to Fujairah took us around 1.5 hours – we got to Fujairah at 10.35am. We decided to go to Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort as they do a set price to use their private beach and hotel facilities, which was perfect for us! The option was 100 dirhams per person or 150 dirhams per person including a buffet lunch. We opted for no lunch as we had our own snacks with us and there were also restaurants we could go to if needed.

At Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort there are several restaurants and lounges that you can access (double check their opening times and details here), there are clean toilets and washing facilities, an Ayurvedic spa, gym and kids play area.

As we were only there for the day we decided to make it a full beach day. It was the perfect setting relaxing on beach loungers and listening to the crashing of the waves. Needless to say I had a nice nap there! Just to note that even though it is classed as winter now, if you’re in direct sun or walking on the sand without shade you will feel the heat – the sand was burning our feet! However, the resort provide free umbrellas so you won’t burn to a crisp when sleeping lol!


One of the interesting things about the Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort is what you can see in the photo above – this huge rock is actually an island known as Snoopy Island (named this because it resembles the cartoon character Snoopy, sleeping lol). As Snoopy Island is only 100 meters from the beach you can watch people swimming/rowing/paddling across to the island and back. P.s. the water is SO SALTY lol so beware!

Just before we left we decided to get some shisha and drinks at Snoopy’s Lounge. I think the best part about this lounge was the name lol – service was incredibly slow and it wasn’t packed out! They also didn’t pay much attention to orders – we received our order before the table next to us, even though they had ordered before us. So just be prepared to wait for a while. We ordered a lemon and mint drink, a pina colada and an orange, lemon and mint shisha. The shisha was nice but the drinks were meh. We’ve definitely had better.

As much as the lounge was disappointing, it didn’t take away from the day we had at the resort and of course the journey back was just as amazing! We definitely recommend exploring Fujairah and we will without a doubt be exploring the rest of the emirates soon!


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